(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past few years, the Electric Pump Company at Daqing Petroleum Management Bureau has systematically persecuted those employees who are Falun Dafa practitioners. Led by Party assistant secretary Li Xiusi, they put into action Jiang's policy of ruining Falun Gong practitioners' reputation, cutting them off financially, and destroying their physical bodies, and thus brought about many tragedies.

They organized brainwashing classes at their training center, where they attempted to brainwash Dafa practitioners by force. They abducted determined practitioners to the employee dormitory, and forbade them from going home. They also withheld Falun Dafa practitioners' salaries, bonuses and other forms of income; they implicated Falun practitioners' families (such as pressuring the spouses to persuade Dafa practitioners to quit practicing, and asking the children to kneel down and beg their parents to give up Falun Dafa). They also partnered up with the police and illegally arrested, brainwashed, psychologically abused, and physically tortured Dafa practitioners, and even sent Dafa practitioners to forced labor camps and prisons.

Mr. Dai Zhidong, 41 years old, was an employee of the Electric Pump Company's training center at Daqing Petroleum Management Bureau, Heilongjiang Province. He resides at Dongfeng Village, apartment number 2-27-2-501, Daqing City. Because he practices Falun Gong, he was forced to retire early in November 2000. In December 2000, he was supposed to be given about 70,000 Yuan [Chinese currency] for his early retirement, yet his employer illegally withheld the money.

In December 1999, the chair of the Electric Pump Company's Communist Party Office, Ma Zhifeng and the Training School Principal, Wan Lihua forced Mr. Dai Zhidong to submit three thousand Yuan as a means to prevent him from going to Beijing. Moreover, they also illegally stalked him.

On April 11th, 2000, Mr. Dai Zhidong was tricked and taken to the police station by Daqing Qingdong police station officer Yong Bing. On the same night, he was sent to the Saqu custodial station of Daqing City and unlawfully detained there for 34 days. He was then transferred to the Saqu detention center and detained there for 11 days. After he returned to his work unit, his employer monitored him, and his personal freedom was limited.

On June 18th, 2000, Mr. Dai Zhidong went together with his wife and child to Beijing to appeal. Just before they arrived in Beijing, they were arrested on the train by the train policemen, Wu Jing and others. Later, he was detained in the Shinjingshan Hostel by the Daqing Petroleum Management Bureau's Beijing Liaison office. On June 21st, 2000, Mr. Dai was sent back by his employer and detained at the Daqing City's Saqu Police Station for 75 days. The police station and the detention center forced his family to pay 500 Yuan for his food; Shi Shijing from the Beijing Liaison Office of the Daqing Petroleum Management Bureau and Wan Lihua from the Electric Pump Company took 4000 Yuan from his family. After Dai Zhidong returned to work, he was demoted to a one-year probation, and he was monitored every day at work. He was only given 100 Yuan per month for living expenses [the current average urban worker's salary is 500 Yuan/month in China].

On January 2nd, 2001, at the time Dai Zhidong was homeless, he was together with several other Dafa practitioners in Harbin, when he was captured by Taipingqu policemen. He spent 18 days at the Taipingqui station. He was then taken back by Daqing Qingdong Police and his former employer. They cuffed his hands behind his back and interrogated him for more than 7 hours. Later, he managed to escape from detention. During the time when he was homeless, the Harbin police extorted 2000 Yuan from him, and took a cell phone and driver license from him. They also extorted 300 Yuan from him as the expenses for his food during detention.

On April 19th, 2002, Dai Zhidong went to Dafa practitioner Mr. Yao Bing's home, and he was arrested by the policemen there (Yao Bing was captured on April 18th). After some brutal torture, he was send to Daqing City Saqu station. In order to protest the torture, he went on a hunger strike for more than 2 months, and was finally sent to the hospital when he was in critical condition. However, because his family doesn't have money, and his employer refused to help, the policemen didn't have him treated, and he was sent back to Saqu station and the torture continued.

In the end of September 2002, when Daqing City's Honggangqu court secretly sentenced Da Zhidong, they didn't even contact his family, nor did they follow any due legal process. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He is now in the Daqing prison, where the prison authorities have started torturing him again.

Ms. Song Liqing was previously a senior employee in the company finance department. Because she practices Falun Gong and wants to be a good person, her employers freely withheld her salary and bonus, illegally confined her to the dormitory and would not allow her to go home. She was then forced to retire. Many times, her employer collaborated with policemen and sent her to Harbin drug rehabilitation center, which has been used to persecute Dafa practitioners. In early September 2002, the rehabilitation center contacted her employers and told them that because Ms. Song went on a hunger strike to protest her illegal detention, she was in critical condition, and they asked the employer to take her back right away. The head of the "610 office" [An agency specifically created to persecuteáFalun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] at her work unit, Li Xiusi said, "Leave her in there, as the national holiday is coming soon. Don't let her go out to make any troubles. Furthermore, the sixteenth National Congress is starting soon. We'll talk about her situation after the meeting, and it gives me some peace of mind when she is in there."

Ms. Xing Jingzhi, the previous human resources manager, was forced to retire because she believes in Falun Gong's "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance". Under the employer's manipulation, she was illegally arrested, detained and sent to a labor camp, and penalized with fines, etc. several times. Furthermore, her child was implicated and her child's college education and job search were negatively affected.

Mr. Jia Shenghui, previously a support group worker, was forced to retire early because he practices Falun Gong. At the end of September 2002, Daqing City's Honggangqu court secretly sentenced him. They didn't even contact his family about the sentence, nor did they follow any legal processes. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Right now Jia Shenghui is at Daqing prison. When they sent him to the prison, he was not even told how long he was sentenced for.

Mr. Wang Hui, a worker at the company's third branch factory, was arrested in early September 2003, simply because he refused to give up his beliefs in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance". He was sentenced to three years of forced labor. Currently, he is detained at Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center.

Moreover, Ms. Sun Chengrong, Ms. Du Zhenhua, Ms. Sun Huiling and other Dafa practitioners were all arrested, detained, forced to attend brainwashing classes, penalized by having both salaries and bonuses withheld, and sent to labor camps because they refused to renounce their beliefs in Falun Dafa.

Telephone numbers of the people responsible for the atrocities:

Head of the "610 office, Li Xiusi: 86-459-460-2266 (office), 86-459-4662394 (home), 86-1300-983-3551 (cellular)

Daqing City Saqu Qingdong police station: 86-459-466-2718