(Clearwisdom.net) After a short discussion with a fellow practitioner who had been persecuted for a long time (from October, 1999 to the present,) in forced labor camps and brainwashing sessions and deprived of personal freedom all that time, I had a new understanding of "rejecting the old forces' arrangements."

In our own personal cultivation, if we want to upgrade ourselves, we will have to experience tribulations and tests. However, the criteria cannot be the same for cultivation during Fa Rectification. The beings in the old cosmos, no matter how high their levels, are not qualified to arrange anything in Fa Rectification, because they also need to be rectified. Whoever has made any arrangements has actually committed crimes. By rejecting their arrangements and not allowing them to carry out their arrangements, we are keeping them from committing crimes. Thus, rejecting the old forces' arrangements is actually giving sentient beings a positive future.

I realized that rejecting the old forces' arrangements is only a process: how to assist Teacher in saving people and helping people to enter the new future created by Teacher is the goal. We should tell people about the goodness of Dafa, help them to be rectified, and thus have a good future. That is the best we can do for them.

Before the old cosmos is dissolved, it naturally manifests its not-so-good or even evil side, which is also exactly why dissolution will occur. Our rejection of the old forces utilizes the goodness we have obtained from the Fa to help people to obtain goodness. In the forced labor camps, the police used the approach of having practitioners recite "Rules and Regulations," to persecute them. Many resolute practitioners refused to participate. The police would then beat them, electrically shock them, or torture them in other ways.

I told the police, "I am not a person who should undergo 'forced labor education.' I will not recite those rules."

The policeman said, "Why are you not? As long as you are in the forced labor camp, you are a person that should go through forced labor education."

I said, "If you take off your clothes and put them on me, can you say that I am a policeman?"

The policeman replied, "Of' course not."

I then said, "All right. We cannot look at the surface. Falun Gong practitioners are good people; they all have normal professions and contribute to society." I added, "A family has its rules and a nation has its laws. I am not against the rules and regulations, but the enforcement of those rules on us is neither reasonable nor legal."

The policeman asked, "Why is it illegal? We represent the law."

I said, "You see, what do the rules say? No fighting, no tattooing, no drinking, no gambling, no stealing ... We practice Falun Gong, and are even able to resist fighting back when being hit or sworn at. We don't smoke, drink or gamble, and we could even help people with all we have ... you compare it. If you force us to recite those rules, do you want us to become better, or do you want us to go backward?"

At that point, the policeman did not even look fierce. He seemed to become clear, and said gently, "You should not recite those things. You can go back."