With regard to the judge's dismissal of the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin on September 12th, I think that the problem is caused by loopholes in practitioners as one body. If everyone, during cultivation, followed Master Li's requirement and did the "three things" well, as well as realized the importance of the "Jiang lawsuit" and cooperated well in various Dafa work as a whole, the outcome would have been very different.

In "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference," Master said, "The fact that SARS managed to appear in Beijing, and even managed to break into Zhongnanhai and topple a few of the Politburo Standing Committee members, I'll tell you, this is not a simple matter of an infectious disease like the world's people think it is. That's where the evil seals things off the tightest. The evil has been annihilated to this degree, to the point that it can't even guard its home nest, so Gods have been able to penetrate the center of its evil."

Jiang Zemin is the representation of the evil forces in the human realm. When something happens to Jiang, the evil will respond in its entirety. And when practitioners in large bodies, small groups, or in different areas and among individuals can't cooperate well with other practitioners, the evil will exploit this opportunity.

Especially in recent months, the evil in Mainland China is intensifying the persecution with brainwashing sessions for practitioners, and with the ransacking of truth-clarification material sites. Some practitioners started to concentrate on the safety of individuals as well as their region, and neglected to clarify the truth using "Jiang's lawsuit." It has also been said that some overseas practitioners have shown indifference to this issue, and are only interested in things they want to do themselves. These are all loopholes in balancing out regional and global Fa-validation issues.

I believe that during the course of Fa-rectification cultivation, we should mainly emphasize cultivating as one body to reach the "all-harmonizing-and-never-failing" state. That is the final goal of Fa-rectification period cultivation. Dafa practitioners' reaching a state of "all-harmonizing-and-never-failing" as one-body is one of the factors that make the new universe "all-harmonizing-and-never-failing."

If all practitioners can pay more attention to the "Jiang lawsuit," look inward, improve themselves, progress as a whole, and thus achieve the state of "all-harmonizing-and-never-failing," the evil will have no reason to exist. "The better you cooperate with each other as a whole the more powerful you are, and the more powerful you are the greater your impact" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference").

Because my understanding is limited, please kindly correct any errors.