(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of Thanksgiving Day, Falun Dafa practitioners from Washington DC, New York and Chicago participated in Chicago's State Street Thanksgiving Parade. This annual parade is the largest holiday celebration parade in Chicago. Every year, it attracts tens of thousands spectators to show up on the street to watch the parade, while more than 1 million people watch its live broadcast on TV. It features giant hydrogen balloons, bands, horse squads, floats and all kinds of performance groups.

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Falun Gong procession Heavenly Maiden Dance Greetings to Teacher

The Falun Gong group is the first Chinese group to participate in this grand parade. The parade committee invited us to form two different performance troupes--Lion and Dragon Dance and Heavenly Maiden Dance. The newly prepared lanterns sent holiday greetings to Chicago, and three huge Dafa banners especially prepared for this parade by Colorado practitioners were really spectacular. With the new exercise suits prepared by New York practitioners, every member of the Lion and Dragon Dance team was full of energy. Their performance was quite impressive.

Accompanied by the elegant Dafa music, the Heavenly Maiden Dance was on display 10 groups after the Dragon Dance team. They danced elegantly and beautifully. Their performance brought a refreshing scene to the parade and displayed the beauty of Dafa for everyone to see.

After the parade, the practitioners took this special opportunity to thank our most respected and revered Teacher. We came to the Daily Plaza, where Teacher received the "Outstanding Service Award" and the Chicago Mayor declared "Master Li Hongzhi Day" in Chicago on June 25, 1999. From the depth of our hearts, we showed our thanks for Teacher's benevolence. All the efforts we have made to save sentient beings are ways to thank Teacher. Nevertheless, no human words can express our boundless appreciation. Thank you, Teacher!