(Clearwisdom.net) Yesterday, as soon as I got home, a practitioner told me hurriedly that Xiao Yue, who had gone out to distribute Dafa materials at 2 pm, had not yet returned, and it was now 6 pm. Although I looked very calm, I wasn't calm at all within. Could she have been followed? Was it possible they captured her? Did she carry any communication equipment with her that could be used to trace to me?

Xiao Yue returned as I went downstairs. She was late because she did some sharing with other practitioners. It was just a false alarm!

Later, as we exchanged our experiences, we each found our own impurities. Due to selfishness and fearfulness, we were being used by the Old Forces. They used our impure thoughts to create all these images.

As we studied the Fa that night, we read "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003," Teacher mentioned:

"At very high levels where there are physical forms, Trinity is the composition of True Body, True Spirit, and Thought--that's the Trinity. That's how it is at very high levels. At even higher levels it's no longer the case, though--there, thought and body are one, there's no distinction."

After reading this paragraph, I had a deeper understanding of what Teacher was saying.

At high levels, thought and body are one. Isn't it true that to purify one's mind is also to purify one's body? It's not just empty talk.

I also would like to mention that everything happens to us has always had something to do with us. Only when we look within will we find our impure mindset. We'll need to get rid of it and elevate ourselves to higher levels. This is a qualification that a mature practitioner should have.

Please kindly point out any improper notions in this article.