November 14, 2003

( One of my friends was hospitalized because she suffered from coronary heart disease. The doctors told her that her situation was very bad and her life would be in danger unless she had surgery. The operation was in no way an easy one and would cost her a very big sum of money. Knowing that my mother also had experience with heart disease, my friend called to ask me some questions about it.

I went to the hospital to see her. I told her that my mother's situation had been even worse than hers, but that she had become obviously better as soon as she started to learn Falun Dafa by reading Dafa books without even practicing the exercises. My friend was very surprised to hear this and asked me to bring her a Dafa book that she could read. I made a photocopy of Zhuan Falun and brought it to her.

There were many people in the hospital. In these times people tremble with fear at the mention of Falun Gong, so she didn't dare read the book in the hospital but hid it in a safe place.

My friend took out the book after she came back home to recover. Unexpectedly, she could not persist in reading it because she always became sleepy after only reading several sentences. However, she couldn't fall asleep when she lay down, and her head was clear and awake when she read a newspaper. Off and on, my friend only managed to read two lectures in one week. I was also a new practitioner and had never encountered such a situation before. But I managed to solve the problem by converting all the audio recordings of Teacher's Fa lectures and the practice music into MP3 files, and installing them on my friend's personal stereo so that she could listen to them with earphones.

"The lectures of Teacher are so good. I like them so much that I don't want to put them down all day!" my friend told me pleasantly. She kept listening both day and night and bought several boxes of batteries for her stereo. After a long time of doing this, she forgot all about her disease and taking medicine.

It was not easy for me to go to her home because we lived far from each other. So I copied the video teaching of the exercises and all the Fa teachings onto my friend's computer so that she could study by herself, and afterwards we exchanged our experiences.

One day, unexpectedly, my friend realized that her physical condition had greatly improved: the feeling of suffocation in the pit of her stomach and the continuous dizziness went away and more obviously, the chronic sore throat disappeared. She had suffered from a sore throat for many years, and every night she coughed so badly that she could not fall asleep without taking medicine. Plus, she had to take medicine each time the coughing woke her up. "I could not have a good sleep even for one night; sometimes I would think that life was so hard for me," my friend said to me. "Falun Gong is good, I would not believe it if I hadn't experienced this for myself."

My friend's husband was a policeman and worked in a local police station. Because of his busy work schedule, he usually came home late and complained to his wife that the pressure at work was too heavy; the superiors ordered the policemen to report any "new developments" of Falun Gong every day, and they would be berated if they could not report anything. Hearing this, his wife laughed in her heart and said to herself, "I am practicing Falun Gong before your eyes every day, how can it be possible for you to catch others when you don't even know what I am practicing."

It was true that the policeman didn't know what his wife was doing. He only found that his wife had suddenly become much kinder than before; in the past, she was irritable and nobody in the family dared to offend her. Now she had become amiable to her husband and children and put all her heart into the household and didn't go out to gamble any more. Above all, he didn't need to worry about being awaken by her coughing in the night. He felt very happy about all these changes.

Seeing that her husband was happy, my friend revealed to him the fact that she was practicing Falun Gong. She told him that Falun Gong not only improved her physical condition but also offered her a broad and peaceful state of mind and consequently a happy life. She also told him that all the propaganda on television was lies.

Now her husband was dumbfounded. "Ah! You are practicing the Falun Gong exercises? You are reading Falun Gong books? I really am blind!" As a policeman, he knew very well what it meant for a person to learn Falun Gong at this time. Not only would he himself be expelled from his work and sentenced to imprisonment, but also the future of his family members would be affected; their children would not be allowed to go to college, they could not become government officials, they would not be promoted, allowed to join the army, etc. Each of these stipulations was enough to cause fearful trembling. As for the police, the policemen in charge, the heads of local police stations and branch police departments -- they would all be immediately removed from their positions once Falun Gong practitioners were found in their jurisdiction.

Then my friend's husband exploded from the long-term mental pressure. The high tension of his thoughts and all the pent-up frustration and anger came out. He aggressively grabbed his wife and roared at her: "Tell me quickly, who induced you to join the organization of Falun Gong? What other secret things have you done? If you don't confess, I will throw you into prison. You know I would do anything because of this!"

"There is not any organization at all! I just want to improve my health through the practice!" My friend was so scared that she trembled all the while. She did not argue but only sobbed. After a while, her husband calmed down. She quickly collected all the Dafa materials and brought them to my home when there was nobody around at night. She said to me: "Hide them, or he will destroy them if he finds them."

The next morning, my friend came knocking on my door again to take back the materials. Her first words upon seeing me were, "I will continue the practice of Falun Gong, and I must practice Falun Gong. Teacher cured my diseases and I will certainly stick to his teachings. I will follow him all the way."