Ever since Shi Baolong and Ma Huating, policemen in the Third Labor Camp who are notorious for their brutality, were transferred to the third division (whose sole mission is to persecute Falun Gong practitioners), they have used many brutal methods to persecute practitioners. They illegally extended sentences, disallowed reduction of sentences, and intentionally detained practitioners who already had completed their jail terms. August 13, 2003 was the release day of four practitioners. After they finished the labor camp discharge procedures the police asked them to fill out the suggestion forms. The practitioners then reported the facts that the persecution of practitioners in the labor camp is against the law as well as against the labor camp rules. But police officer Jia Zigang and others retaliated against them by retaining them for another six days before setting them free.

In order to improve the efficiency of the Third Labor Camp, they forced the illegally detained practitioners to work for the Ruibeika Wig Products, Ltd. in Xuchang City. To increase their profit margin, the police at the camp overloaded the practitioners with work, and forced them to work overtime. They reduced the practitioners' meal times and forced them to put away their unfinished food. For the slower workers, they would use what's called thinking re-education (or brainwashing) to prolong physical punishment. Sometimes the punishment could last until 4:00 a.m. in the morning and then they would not be allowed to sleep. For those that did not finish their work, they had to bring their unfinished work back to the dormitory to finish it. Usually they had to work until sometime between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. in the morning in order to finish it.

After the Chinese Spring Festival of 2003, Jiang's regime escalated the persecution against practitioners to a new, more brutal level, and these escalations were executed throughout all of the labor camp systems in the country. In the so called "spring-thunder" action meeting, the director of the labor camp, Yan Zhenye, shouted out, "To those practitioners who do not want to give up the beliefs of 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance,' we will use all of the inhumanly possible methods to make them 'live a life worse than death.'" Due to these actions some of practitioners did not sleep for many days, and some of the determined practitioners were forced to work for 18-20 hours per day.

Practitioners Mr. Wu Junqing and Mr. Zhang Xiufeng were shackled and bound with ropes by the police for long periods of time. This kind of persecution destroyed both of Mr. Wu Junqing's hands, and even months later he still could not carry any objects. Mr. Li Jingke was very determined in his belief in Falun Dafa and he loudly said "Falun Dafa is good." As a result, he was tied up with ropes for a very long time and suffered constant brutal beatings. Policeman Jia Zigang put a high-voltage electric baton into Li Jingke's mouth. Another camp police member, Shi Baolong, ordered the criminal to put filthy socks into Li Jingke's mouth, force him down, and tie both of his legs between arms of the sofa for a number of days. Painful screams could be heard from a very long distance. Li Jingke decided to go on a hunger strike to protest the brutal torture, and as a result was force-fed. After a couple of months of this persecution, he weighed only a little more than ten kilograms and his spirit became very unstable.

More than ten other practitioners, including Pang Liang, Yue Caiyun, and Lei Zhongchang, also suffered from various tortures such as electric shock, being hung with ropes, long-term sleep deprivation, and severe beatings. Some practitioners even fainted several times during work. Every time upper management came to inspect the labor camp, those practitioners that were brutally beaten were hidden in the bathroom to cover up their brutal persecution. When Ye Caiyun's family visited her, they saw her walking like a cripple, and her family left the labor camp covered in tears.

In the winter of 2002, policeman Jia Zigang instigated criminals to beat practitioner Wang Yukun so badly that his left leg was broken in three places and his knee cap was crushed. Mr. Wang was hospitalized for several months, but he did not recover. When his family members came to visit him, two people were needed to carry him.

The third labor camp still detains nearly a hundred practitioners from all over the province. The above persecution descriptions are only very tiny portion of these brutal persecutions of practitioners.

Below is the contact information of the responsible persons within the Third Labor Camp of Henan Province:

Zip code: 461000

Telephone numbers of information desk: 86-374-3262722, 86-374-3262711, 86-374-3262713

Education transformation office: 86-374-3262713

Third division office phone number: 86-374-3262722

Director of labor camp: Yan Zhenye

Assistant Director of labor camp: Qu Shuangcai

Third Division Captain: Shi Baolong; 86-13937484937 (Cell)

Third Division Instructor: Ma Huating

Third Division Section leader: Jia Zigang

Third Division Assistant leader: Du Zhengtao

Third Division Team Leader: Tan Junming; 86-13849880212 (Cell)

Third Division Team Leader Dong: 86-374-3262722