(Clearwisdom.net) A lot has been said regarding how and why the original lawsuit against Jiang Zemin was dismissed in the Chicago Court. I want to share my thoughts on a few of the common misconceptions about why the lawsuit was dismissed.

1. It was not made clear how Jiang himself for his family benefited directly from the persecution financially or politically

Let me relate a well-known event in China. The head of a legal and judicial department in Xingtai City, Hebei Province spent lots of money bribing superiors, hoping to be promoted to the position of the head of a county police department. However, after he spent the money, he was not promoted. He was furious, jealous and felt he wasn't treated justly, so he bombed a railroad and was sentenced to death. This is a well-known case in China.

When he committed this crime, his family and himself didn't benefit in terms of power or financial interest. Like Jiang, he was venting personal spite. Jiang was extremely jealous when he saw so many people practiced Falun Gong, and he irrationally started this unjustifiable movement. There are consequences for such behaviors. The head of the legal and judicial department caused tremendous loss to the railroad facilities and public property, and Jiang's crime caused the torture death of at least 800 good people. Countless others were sent to labor camps, prisons, detention centers, and many were forced to leave home to avoid illegal arrest. This is a far more serious consequence. That excuse is terribly inappropriate to be used as a reason to dismiss the case.

2. The defendants could not prove that Jiang represents the "610 Office"

The relationship between Jiang and the "610 Office" is the relationship between a murderer and his weapon. The defendant carried out terrorist activities against Falun Gong through the "610 Office," an organization created during Jiang's term, and Jiang used it to systematically persecute Falun Gong. The main body is the defendant, and the "610 Office" is only the tool. The defendant must be held responsible for injuries inflicted on the victims by the tool. Therefore, Falun Gong practitioners can file the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin because of the damage the "610 Office" has caused them.

3. There was not enough of a link between the "610 Office" and the state of Illinois

As an organization, the "610 Office" does not have much of a link with the state of Illinois. However, the plaintiffs who sued "610 Office" do have a close link with Illinois, and their interests were violated by the "610 Office." In other words, as an organization, the "610 Office" has committed many crimes against Falun Gong practitioners who are currently living in Illinois. The practitioners should therefore have the right to file a lawsuit with the local legal system in order to protect their legal rights, and the local court should protect the legal rights of citizens within its precinct.

In a way, the lawsuit being dismissed is a good thing. Going through such a detour, the first advantage is that the Communist Party publicly acknowledged this lawsuit. On September 14, Xinhua Net, People Net, Sina Net and other media reported a press conference held by a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China. The press conference was about the district court in Illinois dismissing a lawsuit filed by Falun Gong against Jiang, which allowed many Chinese people to learn about the lawsuit, who otherwise have no way to do so. This is very beneficial for clarifying the truth, because many people learned about it from the Chinese media. The second advantage is that, with that report, when we successfully charge the defendants at the next stage, there will be an even bigger impact.

This lawsuit will be surely successful because the crimes committed in this case have impacted too many people's lives. At least 800 deaths have been confirmed and reported by the Clearwisdom website. No one can ignore so many deaths. All these people who died have family members, and some of them are also Falun Gong practitioners, and there are reports on their deaths overseas. This is what Jiang Zemin must face. Sooner or later, Jiang Zemin has to take responsibility for everything he has done. The Chinese government has never publicly addressed the reports about torture deaths of Dafa practitioners published on Clearwisdom. Why are they afraid of their exposure? Why do they evade and block the news instead of facing it? I think everyone can see why clearly.