(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Jiang Jing is a Dafa disciple from Chengyang District of Qingdao City, Shandong Province. She was illegally detained many times for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. She was also detained and tortured many times in a dungeon in the basement of Chengzi Xinyuan Hotel.

In March 2000, the Chengyang government illegally detained Jiang Jing for going to Beijing to appeal. After that, she was illegally detained in the basement of Chengzi Xinyuan Hotel for about half a year, where she was seriously abused both physically and mentally. During that time, in order to protest the violation of her human rights, she went on hunger strike three times for 20 days. It was dark and damp in the basement, and there were no beds or blankets. Following the orders of higher officers, the policemen made her squat, and did not allow her to sit on the floor. It went on like this for 20 days. The police even forcibly took Jiang Jing's clothes away. With little clothing to cover her body, she could only squat on the cold cement floor. If she sat down, the police scolded and cursed her. For every meal, she was only given a piece of bread and a little salted vegetable. She was not allowed to wash her hands or face, and she could only use the same room as a restroom.

Jiang Jing's relatives had to obtain approval before visiting her. When her family asked Wang Jian, the former Secretary of the Political Judicial Department in Chengyang District, about these severe human rights violations, Wang said, "There are no human rights in China. If you want to talk about human rights, go to the U.S.A.!"

In September, after suffering tremendous abuse, Jiang Jing escaped from the hotel basement. The local government officials went to her relatives' homes to find her. In October, Xin Nuoming, the new Secretary of the Political Judicial Department in Chengyang, asked police and some officials in Xiaozhaizi Village to break into Jiang Jing's grandmother's home. Without following any legal procedures, they surrounded the house. Jiang Jing's 81-year-old grandmother could do nothing but kneel down and beg them to leave her alone. The police paid no attention to her. (The old lady was sick with fright and anger, and later had to be taken to the hospital.) Finally, four policemen forcibly carried Jiang Jing into a van. After being detained in the police station for one day and one night, she was again sent to the basement dungeon of Chengzi Xinyuan Hotel for further persecution. After one month and without consent from her family, Xin Nuoming sent her to Laoshan Zhonghan Mental Hospital for further persecution. Xin said, "I do not believe that there is no way to make her yield. She will never get out from there unless she gives up [Falun Gong]." He lied to Jiang Jing's family, saying that there would be only counseling in the mental hospital and no medication involved.

Since Jiang Jing refused to take medication in the mental hospital, the head of the hospital and a manager named Ding, together with other medical staff, forced her to the ground and injected her with drugs. After the injection, Jiang Jing felt discomfort, in addition to feelings of panic and a rapid heartbeat. Her eyesight became blurry, and she felt uneasy whether sitting or standing. She also felt dry in her mouth and dizzy. (According to medical experts, she was administered a prohibited drug, which had been used previously only for experiments on rabbits. The rabbits died immediately when given a high dosage.) In such horrible physical condition, when Jiang Jing asked the doctors what was the medication she was injected with, they lied, saying that it was a common medication to help her sleep. During the following several days, Jiang Jing was unable to eat or drink, let alone walk. Although she was in such an extremely weak physical condition, she was given no care. Even though Jiang Jing was in enormous pain, she was forcibly injected again soon afterwards. While giving her the injection, one doctor said, "You want to practice Falun Gong? If you don't give up, we will use electric needles on you." During that time, Zhang Zhongkai, the director of the General Management Office in Chengyang, once went to the mental hospital to try to force Jiang Jing to write a so-called "guarantee statement" [A statement to declare that she is remorseful for practicing Falun Gong and guarantees not to practice Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Dafa practitioners], and said, "We will release you as soon you write the guarantee statement."

After one month of physical and mental abuse, Jiang Jing finally escaped from the mental hospital. For quite a long time after that, she was in poor health. Officers from the mental hospital even went to her home on the same night she escaped to try to take her back. After that, the district government officials also went to her home many times to threaten and harass her.

Note: Right now, the Fourth Division of the Chengyang District government is still illegally detaining many Dafa disciples. In addition to paying a large number of illegal fines, these practitioners have also lost their freedom.

Xin Nuoming, the Secretary of the Political Judicial Department once went to Masanjia Labor Camp to learn more torture methods.

September 21, 2003