Later, I was placed in Class 5 of the Second Division at Xinan Labor Camp. When Gu Fengrong, the head of Class 5, learned that the six of us Falun Gong practitioners who had been transferred to Class 5 did not sign the so-called "Guarantee Statement" [to give up practicing Falun Gong] she did not allow us to sleep. She also arranged inmates to take turns to keep watch on us, until we gave in.

On the first night, Gu kept watch on us. On the second night, it was inmate Zhang Fengxue. She kicked whoever moved, even including Wang Li who was blind.

After being deprived of sleep for two nights, I was in a daze. During the daytime, we were forced to do intensive labor or sweater knitting. Sometimes, we were forced to attend the "seminar" in the auditorium that defamed Dafa. There were policemen around with electric batons. I always felt weak and extremely nauseous. As soon as I relaxed my mind, I would collapse. Almost all the time, I felt I was living in a risky situation. I was on the edge of losing control of my main consciousness.

On the third day, because of our strong protest, police stopped that kind of torture. However, they just changed to a different kind. After laboring for one day, when we were about to go to bed (which was usually midnight or later), police would select one or a few of us. They then forced the practitioner(s) to stand still for a long period of time, or transcribe materials that defamed Dafa until 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning. Within about one hour after we were finally allowed to go to bed, it was already time to get up to start work again. Some practitioners could no longer bear it, and signed the "Guarantee Statement."

One day during the last week in September 2000, police suddenly sent all people who did not sign the "Guarantee Statement" to the Second Division except me, who they sent to the "Enforced Class," which was said to be a vicious place. The strong feeling of fear once again hit me, and it almost made me collapse. It was the first time that I was separated from other practitioners, and I had to spend one week in fear and loneliness while knitting the sweaters. On September 29, 2000, those practitioners were sent back. Their hair was messy. Some had a dull look, with a strange expression in their eyes as if they did not recognize me. Since then, no matter how many times they came across me, they never acted as if they recognized me. Some of them were tortured and forced to sign the "Guarantee Statement" at the "Enforced Class."

That night, Cheng Cuie, assistant head of the Second Division, asked 5 or 6 inmates to bring me into the police office. They did not allow me to sleep nor sit down. In addition, these people subjected me to a torture session that lasted all night. These people cursed me and slandered Falun Gong throughout the night. They said that as long as I did not sign the "Guarantee Statement," they would continue to do this, and that all people had to sign the "Guarantee Statement" in October.

On October 10, 2000, I felt it was too much for me to bear, so under pressure, I signed the Statement to give up practicing Falun Gong. My grief was beyond description. As I went out of the police office, I was so faint that I had to lean on the wall to avoid falling down. At that moment, I felt as if all my life, and all the essence of my life, immediately left me. Only an empty shell was left with me. It was as if I had a mental disorder, and I kept saying, "I have been 'transformed', I have been 'transformed'..." The persecution in the forced labor camp was so vicious that it was beyond what any ordinary person could bear or imagine. As for those practitioners who were forced to sign the "Guarantee Statement," the enormous mental suffering was beyond description. Right now, I have been out of the labor camp for more than two years, but I still have not completely walked out of the shadow of once being forced to betray my belief.

On May 11, 2000, more than twenty practitioners were sent to Chongwen District Detention Center, where I was being held. Among them was a 45-year-old practitioner from Heilongjiang Province. He was detained in the 3rd Cell of the 1st East Alley. After going on a hunger strike for 11 or 12 days, he was taken to the hospital to be force-fed, but he died on the way there. Among the 6 practitioners I mentioned earlier who were sent to the Xinan Detention Center, there was a practitioner called Li Wanqing. Mei Yulan, Li Wanqing's wife, also died in Chaoyang Detention Center in Beijing.

After I was sent to the forced labor camp, my husband kept asking around for my whereabouts, but was unable to obtain any information for 4 months. When he finally was able to see me in the labor camp after 4 months, he was in tears upon seeing my situation. He was so sad on the way back that he was unable to drive. He had to park the car by the road, and lie in the car for a very long time before he was able to continue driving. Thinking of the suffering I was experiencing in the labor camp, my mother-in-law was often in tears. My daughter, who was still very young, could not understand at all why her mother was sent to a place that is meant for bad people.

At the end of 2000, a new policy stated that a mayor would be dismissed from his post if more than 6 Falun Gong practitioners in that area went to Beijing to appeal. My parents worked for a local company called the Chaoyang Machinery Plant. The director of that plant was dismissed because the number of Falun Gong practitioners in his plant who went to Beijing to appeal had exceeded the Jiang Regimes ordered limit.

The Jiang Regime also took every opportunity to brainwash people even including children. After I left the labor camp, one day I saw a note on the table left by my 8-year old daughter that read, "Mom, I suggest you to stop practicing Falun Gong. Please read this book." It was a book that students in her school had received. It contained all kinds of vicious defaming and despicable lies. When I tried to tell my daughter that her mother was a good person, and all the propaganda were all lies, she was in despair and said, "I know my mother is a good person, but on TV they say all Falun Gong practitioners are bad. I do not know who I should believe."

My uncle is a teacher in a high school. The school's Party Secretary asked all classes in the school to hold meetings with topics attacking Falun Gong. The Party Secretary even said in public that, "No means are too extreme to persecute Falun Gong [practitioners]."

All together, this persecution, that started more than 4 years ago, targets tens of millions of Falun Gong practitioners who practice "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance." It utilizes all the apparatuses of the nation, and its viciousness is unprecedented and unimaginable. It is also a disgrace to the whole of mankind. I sincerely hope international human rights organizations and overseas governments could initiate an independent investigation of Falun Gong practitioners' situation in China, and urge the Chinese government to immediately stop this brutal persecution. By doing that, tens of millions of Falun Gong practitioners and their families could be rescued from the devastation they are now experiencing.

I also hope that courts in all countries will uphold justice, and charge Jiang for genocide , since he is the person who is most directly responsible for this state-run terrorism. By doing this, we can safeguard the dignity of the law and the justice of humankind.

In April 2001, after I was released from the labor camp, police asked me to attend the brainwashing class to force other practitioners to give up their belief. In order not to do such disgraceful things, I was forced to leave home 5 days after being released. Since then, I have been unable to return home. I have not been able to live together with my family for 4 years, and the mental suffering my family has experienced is beyond financial remedy. I hope the court will reach a verdict according to the law, so that similar tragedies will no longer take place.