Oct 16, 2003

(Clearwisdom.net) Before July 20, 1999, I was a practice site assistant and frequently read the Fa out loud with fellow practitioners. Since July 20th, the practice site no longer exists as it was destroyed; therefore, I can only study the Fa alone at home. Although I study the Fa by myself, and being used to reading the Fa out loud, despite the current severe and difficult environment, I still read out loud. I feel that reading out loud is more effective than just reading quietly.

First of all, reading the Fa out loud will help eliminate different interference and help establish a deep concentration when studying the Fa. We may have a lot of interference during our Fa study: such as thought karma interference, the disturbance of evil from other dimensions, etc. If we do not eliminate them immediately, it will be very difficult to calm ourselves enough to study the Fa, and we will not benefit anything from the study. It helps us also to eliminate all kinds of interference and find a deep concentration. Further, Dafa practitioners cultivate among everyday people, besides validating the Fa daily, we have to do well in our daily work and take care of our families. Everyone is extremely busy. It comes as no surprise that one gets easily tired and sleepy when studying the Fa. Reading the Fa out loud can help us recover from fatigue and strengthen our main consciousness.

Besides, reading the Fa out loud can generate a strong energy field. When we are reading the Fa out loud, our cultivated bodies in different dimensions will read the Fa out loud together in different dimensions. When I read the Fa out loud, I always feel that my voice echoes. Most of the time each word that is read out from the mouth of Dafa practitioners is a Falun. Certainly, we cannot get attached to this thought, because Teacher taught us the basic requirements for studying the Fa, which is to calm our heart and ask for nothing, so we will attain whatever we deserve naturally.