(Clearwisdom.net October 7th, 2003) On the morning of May 12th 2003, Dafa disciple Mr. Li Xiangzuo who was illegally detained in the fourth major team of Jiutai labor camp, worked a little slower due to a physical handicap. As a result, policeman Li Xiaofei beat him until he was covered with blood and could no longer walk. When Dafa disciple Jiang Jianfeng questioned the policeman about the beating, he was also beaten until he was no longer able to walk.

On May 14th, 2003, policemen Wang Wei and Lin Hai beat Dafa disciple Wang Zhongfu until they fractured a bone in order to achieve their quota for forced transformation of Falun Gong practitioners.

In Jielin Province, Yan Bian region, Dafa disciple Zhao Litang was locked up twice in a small cell for seven days and ten days while he was illegally detained in the Jiutai City Yinmahe detention center. During these periods, he was not allowed to go to the bathroom, and was given only one or two meals a day with overly salted rice. More recently, Zhao Litang has again been condemned to 30 days in a "Strictest Discipline Class". During this class, which was actually a torture session, he fainted and was resuscitated. At present, the policemen are still torturing him.

We urge all righteous people in the world to pay attention to this situation and help stop the cruel actions of the policemen in Jiutai Labor Camp.

The Director of Jilin Province Jiutai labor camp is named Guo Lingpeng.