(1) Jiang's persecution against me (as described on Clearwisom.net)

To appeal for Dafa, I walked 3000 Li (about 930 miles) to Beijing without a penny. For that I was kicked and beaten by the police and imprisoned and suffered greatly in a jail for over a year. The evil people even coerced my family to pay over 8000 Yuan*. Under that pressure, my wife took some pesticide and almost died. My elderly mother was frightened and suffered a mental breakdown, and my daughter-in-law divorced my son. All these hardships happened to my family simply because I wanted to cultivate Dafa and be a good person, but Jiang's regime forced me to stop doing that.

Two years later, the police came again to search my home and kidnap me. With righteous thoughts I was able to walk out of the police station, but since then I have been wandering about to avoid further persecution and cannot return to my home. Now my family's cropland lies wasted, but I cannot go back home to help my mother, wife and son.

(2) Jiang's persecution of Dafa practitioners in China

Two fellow practitioners (Mr. Guan Chaosheng and Ms. Kuang Su'e) in my home county were beaten to death by the police. Many others were imprisoned for 3-4 years and suffered all kinds of brutal torture.

Recent figures published on Clearwidom.net showed that as many as 793 people have been tortured to death. The actual number of deaths is much higher. Numerous Dafa practitioners were sentenced to imprisonment and forced labor camps. Various prisons and labor camps throughout the country have reached their full capacity from detaining Dafa practitioners. The persecution broke up thousands of families, and drove away or killed their family members. The viciousness of this persecution is unprecedented in history.

(3) Jiang's persecution of mankind

Why have all of the Jiang regime's absurd criminal acts lasted for over four years? At the root is the regime's use of the Communist Party's power and influence. The Party has the final say. It has produced various damaging notions such as the non-existence of God.

People once believed in Buddhas, Daos, and Gods. They believed that one would be repaid with good or bad depending upon his deeds. Since the Party took power, they pushed hard to eliminate these beliefs by labeling them as superstitious. At the same time, they promoted the philosophy of struggle -- they wanted to struggle against the heavens, the earth and the people. They seriously damaged the people's morality in China. Gradually, people no longer believe that one will be repaid with good or bad depending upon his deeds. Consequently, people now stop at nothing to satisfy their selfish greed.

Stepping on the blood shed by the students on the 4th of June in 1989, Jiang used the incident to climb to the top position as head of the Party. After he got into power, Jiang tightened the dictatorship created by Mao, made use of the reforms created by Deng and stabilized his position. He assigned his son Jiang Mianheng, who had no experience, as the deputy dean of the China Academy of Science, and provided him with government loans to run his international business. He brought serious corruption to the government, and created a huge gap between the rich and poor. The society is becoming more and more unstable with the crime rate climbing. Jiang consequently increased the police force to 2 million to maintain the stability of the society. This not only strengthened his control but also tightened his dictatorship.

When I was a child, my honest uncle Zhang He lived in Shahechong. Because he had some savings, he was classified as a "rich peasant" during the period of land reform, and was forced to work under surveillance. He died of exhaustion when he was working in the fields. Another uncle, who was very kind, was classified as a landlord because he had some land. He was not allowed to talk and he had to stand inside an appointed circle during mass meetings. My honest uncle Zhang Guang never did anything bad. In 1960, when people were starving, they would stuff their mouths with raw grain, rice and vegetables from the public dining room if no other people were around. But no one in his family did that. Every one in his family ate only the assigned 100 grams of rice each day. They were so weak that a small wind would blow them away. But they still had to work. By the end of 1960, out of this family of six, only two lived to the New Year. My aunt collected some grains from a rat hole underneath the dining room grain storage, and when she heard that others would hold a meeting to criticize her for this deed, she was frightened and hanged herself that night. Many teachers from the earlier generation in different parts of the country were beaten and criticized for simply one phrase or word they said. Even the President of China failed to escape such a fate. He was called a traitor and tortured to death. The Party not only poisoned people's thoughts and ruined their humanity, but also took away the lives of many honest people.

It is just like Master Li mentioned, "The Party has never admitted any of its faults to the people. No matter what awful things they do, no matter how awful it is, they always turn around and say, í Our party has always been right,' (audience laughs) and no matter how much of a crisis its regime is in, they always say, í The situation is totally great.'" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference")

In 1960, tens of millions of people starved to death. But in all the meetings and conferences they still said, "The situation is not only good, it is great", "Our Party has overcome the natural disaster that has lasted for three years." When I heard that, I felt really bothered in my heart.

After Jiang took over power, he reinforced the notion that the Party has all the say and encouraged people to pursue only material benefits. Jiang made use of these things to destroy the morality of mankind. If you don't listen to him, he will beat you down and make you suffer throughout your life. Your descendents may even hate you even though you died for their lives because they will also be adversely affected because of you.

When Falun Dafa was spreading throughout the world and over one hundred of million people started to cultivate Dafa, Jiang, out of extremely jealousy ordered the evil policy of trying to eliminate Falun Dafa -- "If they are beaten to death, then so be it; count them as suicide." "Defame their reputations, bankrupt them financially, destroy them physically."

The reason I am taking legal action against Jiang Zemin today is because he persecuted Dafa and Dafa practitioners and he deceived many people. I want to tell the truth to the people. This is a basic right for a human being.

*Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.

October 1, 2003