One night in August of 2003, my husband and I went out to distribute some truth-clarifying materials, but my husband was arrested and brutally persecuted. The second day, the police broke into my home and dragged me away. In the pubic security office, the police asked me where I got the materials; I replied that someone put them in the basket of my bike. The police used up all methods and still could not get what they wanted; therefore they put me in detention.

The second day after being arrested, I started a hunger strike. The police interrogated me at noon. They also threatened to sentence me. One policeman grabbed my hair and knocked my head against a chair. I constantly sent forth righteous thoughts.

The morning of the third day, I started to sing the songs composed by Dafa practitioners, "Falun Dafa is good" and "Coming for you." The superintendent forbade me to sing, and then I clarified the truth to him.

They interrogated me again and asked: "Why don't you eat?" "If you are sentenced, then your son cannot go to school and also cannot join the military." At that time, I did not think about what they said and denied their persecution. My only thought was that Teacher had made the arrangement for me. What I am doing is the most righteous thing in the whole cosmos. Now I have encountered this thing and I will not allow it to develop further and for the sake of Dafa, I will even give up my life if I have to. They threatened me and said: "Your son has been admitted to a university; if you are sentenced, then your son will not be able to go." I was not bothered by them and continuously sent forth righteous thoughts.

During the detention period, I was determined to do the exercises and sing Dafa songs every day. I only took a rest for 5 to 6 hours every day and the rest of the time was used to constantly send forth righteous thought. My heart told me that I had to leave because there were so many sentient beings waiting to be saved; therefore, I asked for Teacher's help in my heart. Every time when I practiced the sitting meditation, I could hear the song, "Falun Dafa is good" being sung by a male chorus, then I knew that it was Teacher's encouragement to build up my confidence. I had dreams that night and there were two ladders in the dreams. One ladder was pointing upwards and another looked like a stretcher used to carry people. After I woke up, I immediately understood that this was the Teacher's hint to me and I wanted to choose the ladder that pointed upwards. One time, I suddenly saw that there were three characters "I was sent" on the wall and I know that it was to tell how the police planned to catch me and send me away.

On the sixth day, they called two managers from my work unit. One of the managers said, "After going home, do not practice Falun Gong any more." I said, "My physical condition was very bad, but after practicing Falun Gong, my illness was cured." The manager said, "Look at you, there are mosquito bites all over you and you are too weak to speak." Another manager said, "Do you have one thousand Yuan to pay them?" I replied, "I do not have one thousand Yuan." Then he called the accounting office to send one thousand Yuan over and they sent me home. On the way home, they told me that I have to pay back the one thousand Yuan. After I came home, the work unit would send someone over to monitor me or call me asking me not to go outside, and every time I always kindly clarified the truth to them.