I'm from Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. I obtained the Fa and started practicing Falun Gong in 1997. Before I cultivated Dafa, I had very serious rheumatoid arthritis and the government gave me a certificate stating that I had a second-degree disability. Shortly after I started cultivating in Dafa, my rheumatoid arthritis disappeared.

After Jiang's scoundrel political group started persecuting Dafa, I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa on December 21, 2000. After I returned home, the Dunhuafang Police Station in Taiyuan City's Xinghualing District sent a police officer, Gaofeng, and another policeman to take me to the police station with the excuse that I had gone to Beijing. After I arrived at the police station, an instructor from the police station and Gaofeng forced me to write a statement to guarantee that I would stop practicing. I refused to write, so they made a lot of threats. Later, in the middle of the night and without any proper procedure, they ransacked my home.

On March 5, 2001, the Dunhuafang "610 Office" in Xinghualing District of Taiyuan City tricked me and took me to their Dunhuafang office ["610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems]. Later they took me to the brainwashing class in the Zhen Town Male Forced Labor Camp in Taiyuan City.

One time, in the brainwashing class, after seeing me practicing the exercises, the staff punished me and made me stand still for a long time. It wasn't until my whole body became incredibly stiff and I was not able to move that they asked two practitioners to carry me back to my room. Because I firmly refused to give up cultivation and refused to write a guarantee statement, they didn't let me sleep for three days straight. Afterwards, they tried to make me write a statement to guarantee that I would not practice, to which I refused. As a result, the head of the female class, Li Fue, locked me in solitary confinement for seven days. While they were trying to brainwash me, the personnel from the brainwashing class insulted, scorned and mentally tortured me. From March 5, 2001 to September 30, 2001, the evil used every approach they could think of, yet they could not "transform" me. Therefore, they had no choice but to let me go.

After I left the brainwashing class, my home phone was wiretapped. The police officer, Gaofeng, from the police station constantly harassed me by coming to my home to ask me to write the guarantee statement, sign my name, and so on. The chief of the Residential Community in my area, Bai, and two other people also constantly harassed me. In addition, outside of my home there were people spying on us and monitoring who was entering and exiting my home.

After July, 20, 1999, using my refusal to give up practicing Falun Gong as an excuse, my work unit (the Housing Properties Management Office in Taiyuan City's Jinan Chemical Engineering Factory) constantly withheld my living expenses at will. When I picked up my money, they asked me to indicate that I had received 100% of the money, when in fact I had only received 80%.

In September of 2002, I was forced to leave home to escape the persecution.

Head of the "610 office" in Taiyuan City: Li Dongfu

Class supervisor in the female class of the first brainwashing class in Zhen Town, Taiyuan City: Xu Shui

Team leader: Li Fue, Song Bianai, Meng

Working staff: Cuiying, Zhang Yubing, Feng Jing, Yu Hong, Liu Hong, and so on.

Police officer at the Duanhuafang Police Station in Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City: Gao Feng