On the night of September 16th, 2003, a Falun Dafa practitioner's younger brother, Mu Dekai, and his wife Ma Hongjuan (both non-practitioners) were kidnapped by police officer Huang Kai and officers of the Qing Dao Street police department.

At about 7 pm on the night of the arrest, the street's resident committee director, accompanied by two policemen knocked on the door of Mu Dekai and Ma Honjuan's home, saying that they were there to check their residency registration. Upon entering, the Committee director began asking various questions. Soon afterwards, a group of people stormed into their home and asked her if she practiced Falun Gong. Ma denied she was a practitioner. However, these people then wever, thesectitioner Practitioners are detained began searching through the room, turning their home upside down. They confiscated all the things left in this house by Mu Dekai's older sibling and declared that this was evidence of these people's practice. So, by force, they took Mu Dekai, Ma Hongjuan and their 5-year-old child to the police station.

More then ten people took it in turn to illegally question Ma Hongjuan. They asked her if she was a FalunGong practitioner, and she said she wasn't. Police said: "If you are not a practitioner, then swear at their Master." Ma Hongjuan replied, "I won't! Why should I swear at anyone?" The police replied: "Well then, just repeat after me. I will swear, and you imitate me."

This action by the so-called "people's police" was shameless to the extreme. Ma Hongjuan refused to cooperate , so they began asking the couple's 5-year-old child, "Does your mother practice Falun Gong?" However, they did not get any answer.

Then, they sent Ma Hongjuan.to the City Jail. The police told her that they already had three Falun Dafa practitioners captured. In the room, there were a total of ten people. When the three so called "practitioners" heard that Ma Hongjuan was here, they began yelling, Ma Hongjuan is here! Ma Hongjuan is here! Ma Hongjuan said: "Do you know me? Because I don't know you."

From these people's language and behavior, it was clear to Ma Hongjuan that they were not practitioners. When they slept, the three of them took up a lot of space, while the other seven were crammed all together. In the morning, one of the so-called "practitioners" tried to do the exercises, but all she did was sit with one leg crossed and failed to do any other of the movements. At this point Ma Hongjuan remembered how real Dafa practitioners had done their exercises and saw through this petty scheme.

Later, Ma Honjuan's family went to the City Police Station demanding her release. Officer Jing Majuing said: "I know she does not practice Falun Gong, but her sister does." At this time the policemen became clear that Ma Hongjuan's arrest was not caused by misinformation but was another attempt by the Jilin police to force Dafa practitioners to give up their practice due to the persecution faced by their family members - a tactic both cruel and shameless.

Mu Dekai, and Ma Hongjuan live in Qing Feng Xiao Qu, Chuan Ying District, Jilin City. The committee director of Xing Feng Xiao Qu is Zhou Wan Ling, her work phone number is: 2066489.