Dafa disciple Li Lianjun from Linhai City, Liaoning Province was kidnapped at 8pm on September 2nd by police and was immediately sent to Linhai Police Department. Political and Security Division Personnel and the policemen united to torture Li Lianjun and extorted a confession from him.

They tortured him for two days with all kinds of instruments and Li Lianjun (Dajun) continued to not say a word. He fainted many times during that period. After 48 hours of continually being brutalized, Li Lianjun became unconscious. The policemen became afraid to take responsibility for his condition and looked for a doctor for emergency treatment. Li Lianjun regained consciousness after several days of undergoing treatment.

While in a critically ill condition, the police station sent him to the hospital but also continued to use all means to torture and extract information from him.

Liaoning Province Hall issued an illegal arrest warrant for Li Lianjun and was reported to Ministry of Public Security as a key contact person for Falun Gong.

Contact Information:

The Head Office of Linhai Police Department: 86-576-5117549

Linhai Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-576-5111500

Political and Security Division of Linhai Police Department: 86-576-5309985

Criminal Policemen Division of Linhai Police Department: 86-576-5177660

Note: please dial 86-576-114 for manual search of station for more numbers