(Clearwisdom.net) The following practitioners were arrested on June 30, in Wanggang Township, Xishui County, Hubei Province: Yang Zaoyuan, male, 60 years old; Ai Yueping, female; Nan Liuxian; Xia Chunying, female; Yang Errong, female; Yang Shurong, female.

Wang Youchu, male, 60 year old, was arrested on October 22. He had been sent to a Forced Labor Camp for a year prior to this.

On June 22, Ms. Liu, 65 years old, and Wang Guofen, from Guankou Township, Xishui County, were arrested.

On October 8, Gui Nanfang, female, was arrested.

On October 23, Zhu Guonan and Zhan Xurong, female, were arrested.

On October 25, Liu Qiuhong, female, from Santai Township, Xishui County, was kidnapped. Her home was ransacked as well. The police took away her TV, a DVD player and a VCR player.

Police from Taoshu Police Station of Tuanpi Township, Xishui County, persecuted practitioner Wang Shuilian and her husband. Both of them have been disabled since childhood and must depend on crutches to walk.

On October 23, police from Zhudian Township, Xishui County, took Mr. Xia, a secondary school teacher, into custody.

On October 22, police from Dingsidang Township, Xishui County, took Mr. Ma into custody. He had been sent to a forced labor camp for one and a half years prior to this.

Between October and December, the following practitioners from Chengguan Township, Xishui County, were arrested: Nan Bingxian, Li Hong (female), Huang Simei (female), Zhu Xinwen, Hua Baihe (female), and Ms Hu. Many more practitioners were forced to leave home to avoid persecution because someone reported them to the authorities.

Since July 20, 1999, Buyecheng Hotel of Xishui County Public Security Bureau has been a "jail" where Falun Dafa practitioners are illegally interrogated and tortured. The third floor and the basement are used secretly to torture, interrogate and extort money from practitioners. Many TV programs defaming Falun Dafa were produced there as well.

List of practitioners sent to forced labor camps or sentenced to imprisonment:

Guankou Township, Xishui County

Li Yunyi (one and a half years in forced labor camp)

Fang Deyun, female, (one year and three months in forced labor camp)

Wang Guihong, female, (one and a half years in forced labor camp)

Chengguan Township, Xishui County:

Wang Suhong, female, (7 years of imprisonment)

Yang Yunhua, female, (4 years of imprisonment)

Zhan Baodi, (5 years of imprisonment)

Wanggang Township, Xishui County:

Zhang Guixiang, female, (5 years of imprisonment)

Nan Jinrong, female, (one year in forced labor camp for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, after being released for four months)

Dan Guishi, female, (arrested when she went to Beijing; walked out later with righteous thoughts)

Zhudian Township, Xishui County:

Nan Tuolin (one and a half years in forced labor camp)

Ke Chunmei, female, (one and a half years in forced labor camp)

Ya Zhiyi, (one and a half years in forced labor camp)

Gao Yan, female, (two years in forced labor camp)

Binjiang Township, Xishui County

Tao Xuemei, female, (one and a half years in forced labor camp)