[Editor's note: Chiau Tung (Jiaotong) University has three campuses in Shanghai, Xi'an, and Hsin Chu (Taiwan).]

I am a graduate of Shanghai Chiau Tung University. After graduating, I worked in Chiau Tung University and got to know Chu Yen Lai at the practice site. We found Chu Yen Lai to be dependable and righteous. It has been three years since I last saw him. I am shocked to know that he was kidnapped by the police in Shanghai because of his firm belief in Falun Dafa. He had suffered from such brutal torture that he couldn't even walk on his own. Looking at his face full of determination in the photo, I felt admiration for his courage.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began, the Dafa practitioners in Shanghai Chiau Tung University have stood up to validate the Fa. So far many of them have been unlawfully sentenced to forced labor camps, including Chuang Wei, Lee Tao, Mei Chien Chi, Chang Chih Yung, Wu Yu Hsin, Yang Yi Ning, Zhao Hung Tao, Chiang Hsin Hsia, Hsiang Tung Hui, and Shu Wen Hsin. Kuo Hsiao Chun, an instructor in the Computer Science Department, was unlawfully sentenced to forced labor for five years, while a graduate of the Computer Science Department, Li Chien Pin, was tortured to death. As overseas practitioners, we have to redouble our efforts to reduce the pressure placed on the practitioners in China. We should do our best to secure the release of the detained fellow practitioners as if the persecution were inflicted on us.

Here I would like to call on the alumni of Shanghai, Xian and Hsin Chu Chiau Tung Universities to help secure the release of Chu Yen Lai and other detained Dafa practitioners. We need the overseas alumni of Chiau Tung University to speak out their support for Falun Gong practitioners.

We hope that fellow practitioners in China will help to collect more details about the persecuted graduates of Chiau Tung University. The information will be helpful for the release of these practitioners.