November 23, 2002



VI. Dafa Is Consummating Everything for Me

1. Keeping Promises

At the beginning of 2002, to my surprise, my former employer sincerely asked me to return to work and said they did not care what my beliefs were and to let the past be the past. I thought there had to be reasons behind this shift and accepted their offer, taking it as one way to validate Dafa.

That evening I had a dream, and the basic points were: Teacher Li is placing my cultivation achievements and the lives I had saved to different levels and places in the universe. So, our Teacher is consummating everything for me. However, all of the colleagues and relatives around me should also be involved, so they could understand the truth about Falun Dafa and be saved.

I also realized that we Falun Dafa practitioners have suffered so much to establish a relationship with Teacher Li. Similarly, all people around us have also suffered much to build up a relationships with us so they could be saved. Thus, we should keep our promises by telling them the truth in order to consummate everything.

Having realized this, I started explaining the truth to my close colleagues and friends as soon as I returned to work, and the results have been very good. My next attempts were with acquaintances who are not close with me or who even have prejudices against me. I felt that was more difficult. The "difficulty" was not that others were not good; I was afraid of damaging my self-respect. Having eliminated this mentality, the difficulty vanished. Nothing is difficult when we are selfless and just act for the benefits of others.

I clarified the truth about Dafa to a former college classmate. During school, I had been aggressive and loved to excel ahead of others. So, she viewed me negatively. After graduation, we were assigned to the same company. We did not have conflicts, but we were estranged.

When I went to her office to talk with her, she was cold to me. I very kindly said to her, "My old classmate, I want to chat with you." Then, I started with a topic she was familiar with. From my narrow-mindedness to the tolerance, from my past aggressiveness to being detached from fame, from my past selfishness to selflessness -- I had changed so much, all due to Falun Dafa.

Gradually, her gaze moved from her computer screen to my eyes. Her expression turned from cold to sympathetic, from suspicious to trustful, from puzzled to understanding. Finally, she held my hands and gladly said, "Xinxin, you have really changed, we all see it. You are changing for the better, which means Falun Gong is good. No matter what other people say, I have witnessed this." Since then, we have enjoyed a good relationship, and she is happy when I give her Falun Dafa materials to read.

Another colleague sits in the same office as I do. She was not comfortable with me and frequently made sarcastic comments about me, which I was puzzled by. After I attained Falun Dafa, I realized the problem emanated from our relationship in a previous life. Thus, I kept a normal mentality and was neither cold nor warm to her. But concerning explaining the truth to her, I did not know how to start. However, I realized that no matter what kind of relationship we had in the past, it was a relationship, and I should clarify the truth to her to keep my promise.

I showed concern for her in various ways and tried to understand her. Gradually, she began to enjoy talking with me. Then, I told her that Falun Dafa has taught me how to be a righteous person and how to be nice to others. I also told her some of my cultivation experiences in Dafa, and she was moved. She said, "We used to think that you were an arrogant person who did not like to talk with people. Now, you've totally changed. It proves that Falun Dafa has changed your nature. People say, 'It's easy for one to move to a new place, but it's hard to change one's nature.' It seems that this 'Fa' is extraordinary. When you went to Beijing to appeal, we actually admired your courage. You had been in an advantageous post, and you dared to lose all of what you had for Dafa, which proves this 'Fa' is the best." Since then, she has greeted me, even when she is still far away down the road. She also has been very helpful to me.

I saw the power of Falun Dafa while explaining the truth. Compassion can melt any gap between people. I approached people I knew from various venues to explain the truth to them. I talked to approximately 200 people face to face within our company. I also clarified the truth to people outside of my company. The results have been very encouraging. Among all the people I have talked to, only five of them did not accept what I said or simply did not listen to me, but that is really a small percentage. Also, even though I had talked to so many people about Falun Dafa, I never found myself in a dangerous situation.

I also clarified the truth to members of the local police station and street offices. In once instance, I talked with a local policeman, and he said, "Don't say that only you are disappointed with the government. We all are. In this time, where can you find righteousness? All we have are liars and boasters. Only you Falun Gong have dared to tell the truth."

Another time I talked with a collaborator [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture] assigned to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. He said at the beginning, "We are government employees. We follow whatever the government dictates. If the government states that Falun Gong is something bad, then I say the same thing and am against Falun Gong."

I replied, "The government does not actually represent righteousness. Take my appeal as an example: I was just using one of the rights the constitution has bestowed upon citizens. But they arrested me, so exactly who is breaking the law? The constitution also specifies that a citizen has the rights of freedom of speech, freedom of belief, and liberty. Now the government has deprived us of these rights. Aren't they treading on the laws? So, who is really evil? Falun Gong teaches people to practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. Which one of those three words do you see as evil?"

I also made many other righteous statements and posed more questions; he nodded without a word. Finally, I said, "I really care for you; if I were just for myself, I would simply be quiet."

He said, "I know you are thinking of me. I also hope you have a happy family and are happy in your work." He escorted me to the doorway and kept saying, "Be careful."

2. The Changes in My Father

Even though I told many people the truth about Falun Dafa, my father had never accepted Dafa. My children (also Falun Dafa practitioners) and I had tried different ways to make him understand, but our efforts did not work. Through studying Falun Dafa repeatedly and looking inward, I gradually understood or saw through the reasons behind the issue.

I have been opposing my father since childhood, and I have "resentments" toward him in my heart. When he opposed Falun Dafa, my resentment then especially grew. Our gap widened, which further prevented him from knowing the truth.

I finally realized that I had the attachment of "resentment." I also realized through Falun Dafa that my sentiment had blocked my way. It was as if I had been in a room full of sand, and the sand was blocking the door, and I had to clear off all the sand before other people could come in. This sentiment was selfish, and it left no room for others, while compassion is selfless and offers enormous room for other sentient beings. Enlightened to this, my sentiment disappeared and transformed into boundless compassion.

Not coincidentally, that same afternoon Dad called me and said he wanted to come to see his grandson the following day. Before, he had almost never initiated a call to me. I deeply felt the compassion from Teacher Li. That night, I was reminded in my dream. So many sentient beings were deceived by lies. How could I leave them alone!

On the second day of Dad's visit, I very politely told him that I had been invited back to my job; he was happy to hear that. Then, I told him about the co-workers' comments about how I had changed for the better because of Dafa, and how their attitude about Dafa had become positive and supportive. He listened quietly. Even when Mom interrupted us, he gestured to her that what I was saying was important and he wanted to listen to me. Earlier, he would not have done that.

I also told him: "Dad, if you see any good changes in me, that's because I've followed Dafa. Whenever I don't do well, that's when I am not following Falun Dafa, and that's where I should correct myself. I didn't show enough concern for you before; that's because I didn't understand Dafa well. Dafa has taught me to be compassionate; in the future, I'll try my best to make up for my mistakes."

Hearing my words, Dad nodded and said with deep love, "Xinxin, we are not all against Falun Gong (he never talked this way before); but both your Mom and I are old now, and we do not have much to pursue. We just hope our children can live a peaceful good life; then, we'll be at ease."

From Dad's words, I could feel their deep love for me. I thought of the compassion and care given to us by Teacher Li. I know our real lives are created by Teacher Li. Without saying a word, our Teacher has suffered so much by bearing so much of the karma that we had incurred during our numerous lifetimes. He did this so we could return to the paradises where our true lives came from.

Father's changes greatly encouraged me. Later, I conversed with Dad many times, and his concepts were totally corrected. Once he told me affectionately, "Xinxin, your Mom and I feel that you've done a good job in your cultivation of Dafa, so keep going. Let your children cultivate with you. The government is inexplicably abusing good people." Later, my father became my close friend.

3. Making Progress Together

Once during Fa study, I enlightened to a point: there are reasons for the way Falun Dafa practitioners are distributed. I checked carefully and found that practitioners are evenly distributed in our company; almost every major department has practitioners. Then, are there not people around each Falun Dafa practitioner who came to establish a relationship with them? Falun Dafa practitioners are one body: we should encourage each other and to make progress together.

Having realized this, I started looking for fellow practitioners. Some were still practicing, some had stopped. One by one, I talked with them. Some of those who had stopped started reading Dafa books again. One said, "I am blessed. I thought our Teacher did not care about me anymore, but actually, our Teacher is still thinking of me."

Some said tearfully that they were sorry to have let our Teacher down. Some fellow practitioners who previously had been unwilling to step forward to clarify the truth excitedly said, "We do need to act quickly - we are already late." Some others started truth clarifying the second day after we talked, and the effects were good. We also discussed the importance of eliminating evil in other dimensions with righteous thoughts. By sending forth righteous thoughts continuously to eliminate the evil, our environment changed from good to better. The boundless power of Falun Dafa was verified once again.

In one other situation, I did not do a good job because I had attachments. One fellow practitioner was sent to a forced-labor camp. She was very determined and suffered a lot; I admired her. But after she was released, for a period of time, she was busy with chores and could not study the Fa tranquilly. I was worried for her and wanted to persuade her to study because I had experienced the importance of Fa study. She was reticent to hear me. So, I tried to comfort her with words, saying that it was good that she did not give up when she was persecuted. However, I also told her she had lost much time in Fa study and should make an effort to catch up. She didn't say anything then. Later, she said, "I feel that you have an attachment. You always think that you have cultivated better than others. I read Teacher's Fa, and I feel that what you have said is just the opposite of what our Teacher said."

I felt like a needle had pierced into my heart after listening to her words. Usually, I did not feel pain in my heart no matter what others said, but this time I was embarrassed and could not accept her words.

Later, I checked inwardly and found my problem. When I talked with her, my mind was full of complaints for her: that is sentiment. The primary point of my talk was not Dafa, but the issue of why she did not pay attention to my words. So, seemingly reasonable words were heard as the opposite of what I wanted to say. Just as our Teacher has said, "When you speak to others with your own purpose in mind, wanting to change or persuade them, no matter how reasonable your words are, other people will have a hard time completely accepting them. Neither will the words be able to move people's hearts." (Lecture at The Conference in Switzerland, September 4th and 5th, 1998, Geneva). From then on, we communicated and encouraged each other like sisters. She later played an active role in our Fa study, truth clarifying, and sending forth righteous thoughts during activities.

Through this issue I realized that being tolerant, lenient and kind to others are some of the basic elements of an enlightened being. When you can tolerate and understand others, your realm and mental volume will be huge. Only when we are selfless can we can enjoy the true beauty of Falun Dafa.


Today is the sixth anniversary of my attaining Dafa. This article is my report to our respected Teacher. My gratitude to our Teacher who has been protecting me, leading the way for me and instructing me are beyond what language can express. I also want to verify through my experiences that Falun Dafa is solemn, indestructible, and should not be attacked. I hope the experiences I have shared can help fellow practitioners and the sentient beings in the future.

If I had any achievements, the accomplishments were done by Dafa; if I did not do something well, it was because of "me." Falun Dafa is what should be praised and spread. Without Dafa, there will be no "me;" everything of mine is created by Dafa! I will contribute all the effort I can for our great Teacher Li and Dafa, the creators of my life.


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