There is a lady in our village who is 84 years old. She is very kind and often told people not to listen to the deceptive propaganda against Falun Gong on TV. Since all the practitioners in the village were being watched, the elderly lady and her daughter-in-law helped practitioners distribute the truth-clarifying materials. Her kindness helped her to obtain good fortune. At age 84, she is still in very good health, having no difficulties in seeing and hearing. Once she injured her ankle, but she recovered in ten days without seeing a doctor. Another time she fell heavily, hitting her head on the ground on her way to the market. It hurt badly, but she did not even have a scratch. She knew that this was because her good heart brought her good fortune, dissolving the existing tribulations in her life.

Once a practitioner saw an elderly vegetable peddler in the market who looked pale and sick. She took the opportunity of buying things from him to tell him the facts about Falun Gong. At the end the old man expressed approval of Falun Gong and said: "Now I know the facts." Two days later when the practitioner saw the old man again, she found that his facial complexion had changed completely and he looked much better. She knew that it was because he had learned the facts and positioned himself correctly, and Dafa had brought him good fortune.