I grew up under my parent's wings and I did well throughout my youth. I was promoted at 18 to a leader in a factory, and the factory chose to send me to a University for study. After graduation, I was reassigned to a Research Institute and soon became assistant director of a division. I was on the fast track to fame and power. In the eighties, in a study abroad rush, somehow I landed in the USA for graduate study. I got a white-collar job after completing my graduate study, became a US resident and citizen and bought a house. I was very ambitious and anxious to succeed in my career; however, things did not work out in my favor this time. With many struggles and sleepless nights, my career was going nowhere, no matter what I tried. Instead, my health was jeopardized. I had severe insomnia, stomach ulcer, periodontal disease, constipation, hyper-sensitive skin, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, frequent colds and flu, and more. From morning to night I had no energy to do my job or live a normal life. Every day when I got home from work, I had to take a nap before dinner to recoup from work. I didn't care about the household chores because I didn't have any energy or motivation. I felt like an old man close to the end of life. Gradually, I lost all interest in life. I felt depressed and stressed, my temper got worse, and I became very hard to bear for family members. I became so selfish that I was always at odds with others and the smallest thing would irritate me a lot. I was living a life without hope. At times I asked myself, "What did I come here for?"

In November 1997, before Thanksgiving, Falun Dafa was introduced to me at the local Chinese Language School. I was taught to practice all five sets of exercises. The next day I went to join the group exercises and study. With help of some veteran practitioners, I read all the books by Master Li. From then on, I started Dafa cultivation in earnest. Through five years of cultivation practice, and with Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance deeply rooted in my heart, I have been reborn with a brand new life. All of my illnesses have disappeared completely. The worst flu in decades that spread around and knocked down everyone near me did not dare to get even close to me. My sleep became condition and environment proof; I enjoyed sleeping like a baby every night. I became so energetic that my energy seemed to never run out and my mind became very focused and clear. I could tackle strenuous amounts of physical and mental tasks without feeling a thing. In the past five years, I have never gotten sick or sleepless, and I never had to take medicine or supplements. I never had to see a doctor, I never had a sick day, and I finally led a joyful and healthy life. Like countless Falun Dafa practitioners, I am truly a direct benefactor of this great virtuous cultivation practice that has no comparison in history. Youth miraculously returned to me after I passed half a century in age. My physical condition and functions have been reversed back to what they were in my twenties and thirties, and even better. In my company's annual physicals, all my checkups were normal and healthy. The nurse was shocked when she took my blood pressure and found it to be that of a teenager's. Of course, all of this health and strength that could make people envious are just crystals at the surface revealing the blossoms of a cultivated heart and soul. In reviewing my cultivation practice over the past five years, comparing my fundamental changes before and after, I am, from the bottom of my heart, telling people of the world with all my being that "Falun Dafa is great!"

Among millions of Falun Dafa practitioners, an overwhelming majority are already at the level of enjoying the benefit of holistic health, and millions of people are spending zero dollars of the national health expense. Guarded with the highest moral standards, they seek no fame or benefit, and have only added to the advancement of the country with significant contributions. This should be indeed a great fortune that would be welcome in any country around the world in human history; however, in China, a country that has a five thousand year civilization, a small group of tyrants refuses to accept this due to their pursuit of power and fame. They have utilized the nation's dictatorial rule in an attempt to ruin the lives and reputations of millions of good people as "the worst enemy." History will never forget the crimes they have committed.