Ever since my youth I had been weak and plagued by numerous illnesses, and whenever sickness beset me, my mother could only quietly weep. In 1996 my parents and I began cultivating Falun Dafa, and shortly afterwards my many illnesses miraculously disappeared. My parents' illnesses from many years of hard toil also vanished.

By the end of 1996 my second aunt from afar learned about Dafa from us. She's 52 years old, and Dafa also improved her health -- her weight increased from a mere 100 pounds to a healthy 140 pounds. She labored in the fields with the vigor of a young worker, and everyone in the village commented on her revived youth. On July 20, 1999 when Jiang started to persecute Falun Gong, my aunt went to Beijing to appeal three times, using her personal experiences to tell government officials the facts about the persecution. She was detained twice, and in October she was illegally sentenced to two years of "labor re-education" at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, where she endured both mental and physical torment. She went on a hunger strike for 27 days in protest of this unlawful persecution. As a result, she was subjected to forced-feeding and hard labor. In the freezing cold winter they showered her with icy water, forced her to eat human excrement, shocked her feet and body with electric batons, and forced her to take psychotropic (mind-altering) drugs. During sleep she was often dragged into the hallway to be severely beaten, and in a few instances she was beaten unconscious, with an egg-sized chunk of hair and skin torn from her head. Sometimes the police handcuffed her to an immovable object to prevent her from going to the lavatory and tried to force her to sign "guarantee statements" promising to give up the practice of Dafa. Otherwise, they would torture her further.

In February 2001, my second aunt was taken to the Wuhuanci Police Station in Buxin County, her hometown. She had been tortured until she became mentally unstable, and her weight diminished to about 90 pounds. She would padlock herself in the house and refuse to eat for several days. Her clothes were usually soiled, and she often got upset. In October my mother visited and brought her to rest in our home. At this time my father had just been released from labor camp (In July 2000, a policeman from Liuhua Police Station ransacked our house and found six Dafa truth clarification flyers. They arrested my father and illegally sentenced him to three years in a labor camp). Under the care of our family, my second aunt recovered. At the end of 2001, her second son and his wife, both of whom are Dafa practitioners, were detained and fined 5000 Yuan for distributing truth clarification literature. The police released the wife and sent the son to labor camp. This terrible news re-aggravated my aunt's sickness.

In May 2002, six officers from Wuhuanci Police Station came to our house and violently kidnapped my second aunt and held her at the detention center. The police claimed that she obstructed public safety, but released her three days later.

One afternoon in early June, over 20 policemen from Liuhua Police Station surrounded our house and demanded my father to appear. At that time, the city arrested many practitioners and sent them to a brainwashing class. We knew they were here to detain my father, so we refused to open the door. The police first tried to use a universal key, then used a hammer to destroy our lock. Both tactics failed, and they all left except a few that continued to monitor our home. Afterwards, the police station contacted my father's workplace, and summoned him to go to his workplace or his salary would be forfeited. On July 19, under these circumstances, my father and I took a bus to Beijing's Tiananmen Square to appeal. During the trip our bus was stopped by the police, who then forced all the passengers to slander Dafa. We refused to, and as a result we were detained. The next day, police from our hometown came and took us back to Jinzhou City. Two days later, under Master's protection, I took off the handcuffs and nobly walked out of the police station, again devoting myself to truth-clarification and saving sentient beings. Since then, I couldn't return to our home and went from place to place. My father was again illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor education, and this enormous pressure worsened my second aunt's condition.

These are the hardships my family has to endure. I hope the world's people can awaken and recognize the evil nature of the Jiang regime, and reject the poison of their deceitful lies.