(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Li Chunyuan, 40 years old, is an instructor at the Philosophy and Religion Department of China's Central University for Minorities. In June 2002, after his detention term was illegally extended by 10 months, he tried to file a lawsuit against the dictator Jiang and the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, where he had been inhumanly tortured both mentally and physically. Thereafter he was sent to the "centralized training team" and illegally deprived of his constitutionally guaranteed right to appeal. Now he has been in the "centralized training team" for more than 5 months. Li Chunyuan's kindness and compassion has touched many prisoners.

In August 2002, Dafa practitioner Zhang Jiuhai from Xing'gong Village of Liudian Town in Ping'gu County was sent to the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp once again. Upon arrival, he was directly sent to the "centralized training team" and tied up. On October 15, Mr. Zhang Jiuhai started a hunger strike because of the following reasons:

  1. He had been tied up;
  2. The labor camp officials instigated conflicts on purpose -- the labor camp director called in that day saying that if Zhang Jiuhai ate a meal then all the prisoners could not have meat and vegetables;
  3. Division chief Wang did not give Zhang Jiuhai's his winter clothes in order to make Zhang suffer from the cold.

After two days of hunger strike, although policeman Yue Da apologized, the authorities still looked for every opportunity to abuse the practitioners.

Dafa practitioner Zhang Xiangyu from the No. 7 Division wanted to file a complaint against policemen Yang Baoli, Wei Guoping and Liu Bin of the No. 5 division for the persecution he suffered. On November 15th, when the labor camp director Li Ai'min came, Zhang handed in the written complaint. Instead of investigating the matter, however, director Li gave Zhang a reprimand.

Dafa practitioner Wang Sili, 70 years old, is a retired scholar. On November 19th of 2002, he was sent to the "centralized training team" by No. 3 Division Chief Zhao Jiang because he rejected the evil's demands. Wang Sili was forced to squat facing a wall for half an hour outside the building. The elderly man was forced to sleep on the floor of the cold training room, which caused him to cough every day. His wife became bedridden after being abused in the brainwashing class in 2000, and soon she was in a dangerously ill condition. The elderly couple could not even see each other during this critical period. Mr. Wang was forced to renounce his faith against his own will under the pressure, but now he is taking the opportunity of sending this news report out to solemnly announce that he is still a determined Dafa disciple.

Most practitioners in the No. 3 Division are very steadfast, and the division chiefs Xiang, Yan, Bai Zhongyin and Zhao Jiang tortured them severely. For example, they force practitioners to stay up overnight, or only allow them to sleep for 2 to 4 hours a night. They force practitioners to clean bathrooms and hallways, dig ditches, and cut grass from morning to night. If there is no labor, then they will force the practitioners to run around the playground all day. Otherwise, they make practitioners squat on one or both legs for hours, or make them squat and then stand up again repeatedly from morning to night. They do not let the practitioners rest even when they cannot stand up anymore. Elderly practitioners are forced to stand facing the wall all day long, or sit in a tiny chair without moving with only 3 hours of sleep per day. The Dafa practitioners who are newly sent in are forced to stay up overnight after the first night. They are not allowed to purchase any daily necessities nor wear the winter clothes provided by their families.

We hope all practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts to reject and eliminate the evil's persecution.