I am a female Dafa practitioner. For a few months, I had been detained in a detention center along with fellow practitioners because of our practicing Falun Gong. Later we were transferred to the "610 Office" brainwashing center in Hebei Province, the so-called "Baoding City Legal System Educational Reformation School." On the first day of our arrival, the guards forced us to wrap our arms around the largest trees they could find and cuffed us in that posture, which was quite painful. They cuffed us like this for one day and one night and didn't allow us to eat. We had to wait until they felt satisfied before opening our handcuffs and allowing us to use the toilets. We were too tired to stand, but we could not squat down. Practitioners were told not to speak among one another, not even a sentence was allowed. At night, the officials tied our hands to the head of the beds, thus we could only keep this one posture during the whole night. (The 610 Office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems.)

I refused to be brainwashed, so the director clutched my hair and slapped my face, then directed Zhao (male), Gao Xuefei (male), Wang Lei (male), Liu Shuang (female), Peng Yajuan (female) and others to beat and kick me. Gao Xuefei, Wang Lei and Liu Shuang in turn tortured me with police batons. Gao declared, "If you do not reform, I will kill you." They kept torturing me until I lost consciousness. Both of my legs could not squat down for half a month as a result of the torture. They beat me for several days. My face became swollen and my teeth were broken. I could not eat for half a month.

Female Dafa practitioner Xia Hongrui from Laishui County was beaten. The officials only stopped when she lost consciousness. She regained her ability to walk five to six days after the torture. Female Dafa practitioner Ren Jinghui, 58, was tortured into unconsciousness, and they said she feigned death. Her back was beaten black and blue.

The officials also deprived practitioners of sleep. Female practitioner Yang Fengyun was denied sleep for five consecutive days and nights. Female Dafa practitioner Gao Changqiu lost consciousness for four to five hours after the torture. The officials tortured Dafa practitioners every night. Female Dafa practitioner Xin Xiuqin, 61, was tortured to death after she conducted a hunger strike for 8 days. Female Dafa practitioner Yin Fengqin was tortured so severely that she lost her eyesight and could not straighten her legs. Young female practitioner Xiao Fangjing, 16, refused to be brainwashed. Her upper body was beaten badly and became purple-colored. The officials in this place even took joy in beating a child.

They are still detaining more than 30 Dafa practitioners here. When a higher authority came in to check, the thugs took away the handcuffs and transferred away the practitioners that were tortured badly.

I hope the kind-hearted people in the world will be concerned about the criminal behaviors here! Dafa practitioners, please send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions manipulating the brainwashing center staff. Please send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evils that persecute Dafa.

Officials and members persecuting Dafa practitioners include Li Ming, Gao Xuefei, Du Yonglu, Zhu Jianhua, Liu Shuang (female), Peng Yajuan (female), Wang Lei, and Zhao.