(Clearwisdom.net) Since the time I first started to send forth righteous thoughts to the present day, I often have been able to experience the powerful energy that emits from the microscopic dimensions of my body, and I can even feel the continuous expansion of the cosmic system that my body corresponds to. However, there were still some times that although I held my right hand upright and sent forth the righteous thoughts, I felt that the energy I emitted was floating and not strong, and my sending forth righteous thoughts even became a mere formality. I knew this did not happen without reason. So what was the underlying cause that made my sending forth righteous thoughts sometimes work and sometimes not? Through careful examination within myself, I found that I still had a deep attachment that was not eliminated yet, that is, my mentality of competitiveness.

What kind of mindset a Dafa practitioner holds to eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions is critical. Usually, when I treated the evil beings as my hated enemies, my mentality of competitiveness unknowingly came out, and without noticing I had taken the opponents as enemies for elimination. When I initially sent forth righteous thoughts, my enemies were the vicious low-level spirits that control and manipulate the vicious police, and later on they became the evil old cosmic forces that control all the persecution. (I now understand that this is not right, Dafa practitioners should use their benevolence and righteous thoughts to rectify anything that is not righteous, but do not take any beings as enemies.) In the process of eliminating the evils, I had always had enemies, and I had always used the Dafa principle of eradicating the evils as an excuse to cover up my unwillingness to further purify myself and let go of my competitive mentality. It was conceivable that the less willing I was to let go of this mentality, the less easily I could use my divine powers. The more I took the evil beings as my enemies, the more it was the case that I fell to the same level as they were, since Falun Dafa tells us, "There is no constraint between this qi and that qi." [Zhuan Falun, Chapter 7, The Issue of Treating Illness]

I remember that Master also mentioned that during cultivation we cannot reach Consummation if we are unable to love our enemies. Although the Fa-rectification cultivation practice is different from the (previous) personal cultivation practice, there exists an issue, during the Fa-rectification, of how to always keep a benevolent mind when we face the evil beings that are degenerated to such a degree that they must be eliminated. How can we do it well? One day when I read one of Master's poems, "Taichi," I gained a deeper understanding of benevolence.

In "Taichi" Master said, "The Great Way is unmatched throughout heaven and earth." (unofficial translation) In the past, I understood the word of "unmatched" as being most capable and being able to defeat all enemies, and only this way could one become "unmatched." After a period of sending forth righteous thoughts, I came to have a quite different understanding, that is, being "unmatched" is a reflection of benevolence. A Great Tao being unmatched does not mean defeating all enemies but having no enemies. A Great Tao does not take any opponents as enemies at all, so "He comes with the Truth, which gives him full control."

I understand that sending forth righteous thoughts is to use the pure righteous thoughts to command the divine powers of Budda Fa, and the divine powers (we have cultivated out) from Dafa can even more be able to harmonize, remedy, and rectify any thing abnormal. In the past, I possibly eliminated the evils just for the sake of eliminating evils, while now I eliminate the evils for saving the sentient beings. A different mindset brings a different power. Now, my sending forth righteous thoughts can exhibit much more the benevolent power of the "unmatched."

Now I understand why I should love my "enemies" during personal cultivation practice. Only when I truly loves my "enemies" can I be truly benevolent to the sentient beings, and at the same time, can I jump out of my humanness. During Fa-rectification, I come to know how we keep a benevolent mind and to exhibit, during sending forth righteous thoughts, the mighty virtues of lords.