(Clearwisdom.net) Early in 2002, practitioner Li Xupeng was kidnapped and imprisoned in the fifth brigade of Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. For not giving up his practice of Falun Gong, he was subjected to prolonged torture and persecution by policemen Yang Baoli, Yue Qingjin and Wei Guopin. Over a period of twenty days, from July 11 to early August 2002, the police locked Li Xuepeng in a boiler room with no ventilation in the hot weather. In the room was a big electric boiler that provided hot water for 100 people daily. It was so humid and hot that it was very difficult for a person to breathe even for one minute, but Li Xupeng was forced to sit in the room for over ten hours. He was not allowed to stand up, walk, use a fan, or take a shower. After several days of the torture, Xupeng was physically exhausted, had serious symptoms of dehydration, and lost consciousness. The police did not let him out, but instead they force-fed him with drugs, claiming he was ill.

Due to the fact that innocent and kind practitioners have endured continuous persecution, more and more other practitioners who have been led astray as a result of torture have realized the viciousness of the persecution. They have stood up to support the victims. Currently, Xupeng has been transferred to the seventh brigade and locked up in an isolated cell. Though suffering brutal torture and mistreatment, he is very determined in his belief of Falun Dafa.

The head of the fifth brigade of Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, Yang, often physically punished practitioners openly. In the summer and fall of 2002, Yang was seen torturing practitioners Wang Fangpu and Liu Litao at the sports field at the north side of East Building almost every day. He forced the practitioners to stand for hours facing the sun in hot weather, run for a long time, walk in soldier-stride, to hold their legs up for a long time or to squat down for extended periods. Other people, even some brigade leaders who passed by, saw the torture and were angered by his brutality. One said, "He did not treat them as human beings."