On July 19, 2002, Dafa practitioner Chen Jinhua (female) was kidnapped from a detention center to the Wanchun Mental Hospital by Arms Department Chief Hu Dongxiang of Hesheng Town, Wenjiang County, Sichuan province and Yu Xiuyun, the Director of the Woman's Federation. Another female Dafa practitioner, Yang Chongyu, who is an officer at the local tax bureau, was sent by her workplace to the same mental hospital where she also was severely persecuted.

(Supplemental information: On July 3, 2002, both Chen Jinhua and Yang Chongyu were kidnapped to the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp in Zizhong. Chen Jinhua failed the physical exam and was re-sentenced to serve her term outside of jail. However, she was sent to the mental hospital again for further persecution by the Hesheng Town government.)

In the hospital under heavy guard, they were forcibly administered psychotropic drugs daily, three times a day. If they refused, they were given injections of large doses. After these injections, they would remain in a drugged state the entire day, semi-conscious and unable to move. Or they would be subjected to electric shock treatments [Note: also known as ECT], which would also make them lose consciousness. The hospital didn't allow the two practitioners to talk to each other. One day while they were sharing experiences with each other, the doctor dragged Yang Chongyu away for an electric shock "treatment" and then dragged Chen Jinhua to see Yang Chongyu's alarming appearance after the electric shock - her face green, her lips black, unable to move.

The doctor said Chen Jinhua had a lung problem and forced her to take medicine and an intravenous infusion. Chen Jinhua resisted, but the doctor immobilized her with restraints to forcibly give her the intravenous infusion and force-fed her if she didn't take the medicine.

The hospital didn't allow Chen Jinhua to do the exercises. If she did, the doctor and the nurses would order other patients to restrain her.

When Hu Dongxiang sent Chen Jinhua to the hospital, he told the person in charge: "Do not allow anybody to see her except her two younger brothers." He also said not to let her brothers bail her out until they had signed a contract with the town government.

Persons responsible:

Hu Dongxiang, Chief of the Arms Department of Hesheng Town, Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province

Yu Xiuyun, Director of the Woman's Federation of Hesheng Town, Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province

Liu Yulin, President of Wanchun Mental Hospital in Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province

Deng Qianzhi, Director of Wanchun Mental Hospital in Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province

Zeng, wife of Deng Qianzhi and Vice President of Wanchun Mental Hospital in Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province