(Clearwisdom.net) On Saturday September 7, a group of Falun Gong practitioners from the Midlands and the north part of England came to the city of Doncaster to demonstrate the practice of Falun Gong and reveal the facts of the persecution in China. This was the first time Falun Gong had been showed to the public in Doncaster. Permission by the local Council had been given very willingly for practitioners to set up a stall in the busy pedestrian-only street right in the heart of the town center's shopping area.

Shoppers, in a rush, laden with bags, trolleys and pushchairs were intrigued by the sight of the peaceful, gentle exercises and were eager to take leaflets and to stop and watch the practitioners demonstrating the five exercises of Falun Gong. Practitioners were oblivious to the busy stream of passers-by, enveloped in the serene energy. When a young practitioner was practicing, a crowd of teenagers watched her and even some young girls started to copy the movements. One teenage boy said, "This is brilliant! Where can I learn it?" Another young man pointed to the Falun emblem on a practitioner's fleece and said, "Look it's the swastika!" The practitioner explained that this was an ancient symbol of China, more than 2000 years old that represented good fortune. He said, "Really? Wow!"

Although this was the first time the practice was shown in Doncaster, many people told practitioners that they had heard of Falun Gong and of the persecution in China.

The smiling faces of practitioners, emanating the characteristics of the universe, truthfulness - benevolence - tolerance, attracted the locals to take leaflets and find out more about Falun Gong. Many were interested in learning the practice themselves. One lady took a leaflet for herself then asked for one so that she could send it to her daughter, who lives in Manchester, saying that it was the best present for her daughter and was something peaceful that she could do. The practitioner who gave her the leaflets was from Manchester herself.

Another lady said that she had always wanted to learn a traditional Chinese exercise because they are gentle, and after the practitioner explained the details and benefits of Falun Gong, this lady wanted to learn it.

Up to this day there was no local class, but many people were enquiring about one. As if to answer their request, a lady who was attracted to the stall and was fascinated by the graceful, slow movements of the exercises, spoke to a practitioner, inviting him to come to give a demonstration of the exercises at a center where she works which helps unemployed people get back to work. She also was interested in him running a class at her center in Doncaster.

This same practitioner who lives near to Doncaster was handing out leaflets, when some of his old friends whom he had not seen since he had started practicing Falun Gong, walked by the stall and were amazed at the change in him. Calls were frantically made to friends on mobile phones telling them about the news.

There were not many Chinese people who passed by, but those that did were happy to take the Chinese booklets. The English leaflets were going so fast that after just three hours over 2000 had been given out! Practitioners were amazed at how quickly they went. After a day of sunshine and light breeze, the skies opened and a deluge of rain descended on Doncaster. Perfect timing, as there were no more leaflets left and a successful day came to an end.

From: http://clearharmony.net/articles/6906.html