(Clearwisdom.net) In Spring of 2000, Dafa practitioner Fu Youen from Doujiadun Village, Sanwei Township, Dunhuang City, Gansu Province was arrested for going to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. While being detained in Beijing, Fu and two other Dafa practitioners cut their fingers and wrote "Falun Dafa is good" on a piece of cloth, several meters long, with their blood. [Being deprived of all outlets and writing materials in order to speak out and clarify the true facts of their persecution, practitioners at times have had to resort to extraordinary means to let people know the truth] They hung the cloth outside the window of the building where they were detained. The police noticed the banner 40 minutes later and cruelly tortured the practitioners for doing this. While being escorted back to Dunhuang City, Fu kept practicing the exercises despite being handcuffed on the train. The police inhumanly tortured him during his detention in Dunhuang City. After being released, he was often harassed and threatened by the police from the Sanwei Township Police Station. In September 2000 before National Day, Sanwei Township Police Station authorities sent Fu Youen to the City Police Department for no reason and detained him for more than ten days. He was again often harassed and threatened by the police after being released.

Before the Chinese New Year of 2001, under the instructions of higher authorities, police from the Sanwei Township Police Station forced Fu Youen to copy a pre-written so-called "repentance statement," and threatened to take away the farm land that Fu's family were living on if he refused to "repent." As a result, Fu Youen was hounded to death by the police at Sanwei Township Police Station.

Police from the "610 Office" of Dunhuang City Police Department never stopped persecuting Dafa practitioners, and they arrested practitioners many times. Luu Quanyi from Qianjin Village, Guojiabao Township of Dunhuang City was arrested three times by the City Police Department and Guojiabao Police Station from the spring of 2000 to the summer of 2001. During the detentions, he was inhumanly tortured by police, detention center Director Xie Xinsheng, guards and other criminals under the guards' instructions. On August 7, 2002, Luu Quanyi was again kidnapped to City Police Department by policemen Zhang Shengzhi, Wang Jun and two others. There the police tortured Luu Quanyi even more cruelly. Luu Quanyi never yielded to the evil and went on a hunger strike for more than 20 days. We have heard that he is currently in critical condition and that the police are trying to force-feed him.

We hope that the international community and all kind-hearted people pay attention to the situation of Falun Gong practitioners and help us stop the persecution.

Partial list of responsible parties:

Head of "610 Office" of Dunhuang City Police Department Zhang Shengzhi, phone number 86-9473-13079321851.

Police Wang Jun, office phone number 86-9473-8822102.

September 19, 2002