(Clearwisdom.net) Police officers at Panjin City Forced Labor Camp severely tortured Ms. Liu Wenping, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Liaohe City, Liaoning Province. Officer Yi Xiuyan is among those responsible for the cruel treatment she endured. Ms Liu, confused, disoriented, and completely devastated by the torture, suffered a mental collapse. In the end, the torture having left her "not in her right mind," she reportedly jumped off a building and died from the resulting injuries. Following are the details:

Ms. Liu Wenping was over 40 years old, an employee at Liaohe Oil Field Water Supply Company. Those who knew her remember her as kind, gentle, honest and conscientious. After beginning the practice of Falun Dafa, she did her best to conduct herself according to the universal characteristic of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" at all times and was known to all as a good person.

Liu Wenping had gone to Beijing in mid-December of 1999 to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. Finding no channels open to hear her appeal, she went to the Great Wall and practiced the Falun Gong exercises, for which she was arrested. She was subsequently sentenced to three years of forced labor.

Incarcerated at the Panjin City Forced Labor Camp, Liu Wenping suffered all kinds of inhuman torture. Under great pressure from the labor camp officials, Liu Wenping renounced her faith against her true will in April 2000. She was released in December of the same year.

Being forced to give up one's faith is the greatest persecution of all. Like invisible shackles forced on her by her lawless persecutors, Liu Wenping's anguish over the renouncement of her faith cast her life into a shadow.

In early 2001, Liu Wenping began to rectify her heart. She returned to Falun Dafa with a determined mind. Hearing this, three cruel female police officers from the labor camp, Yi Xiuyan, Cai Li and Wang Yan, went to Liu Wenping's workplace and threatened to continually "reform" her, saying that they would arrest her if she did not again renounce Falun Dafa.

On November 6, 2001, Liu Wenping was indeed arrested while posting Dafa truth clarification materials. The police brutally beat her. On November 7, she was again illegally sent to Panjin City Labor Camp without any due legal procedure. Labor camp officer Yi Xiuyan and others from the local police station brutally beat Liu Wenping in the women's division office. After the beating, around 4 a.m., the police handcuffed Liu Wenping to the windowsill, took off her coat, and opened the windows wide to the frosty winter night air to freeze her. Left handcuffed to the windowsill until midnight, the police then came and cuffed one of her legs to the bed. Liu Wenping was cuffed in this position until 4:30 a.m., during which time she was brutally beaten numerous times. Firmly refusing to give in and renounce her faith, Liu was left handcuffed to the bed with a guard stationed outside the door around the clock for over two weeks. Afterwards, the police told outsiders who came to visit her that, "We sent Liu Wenping to a hospital on bail," while in fact they actually sent her to the Yulou Mental Institution. The cruel atrocities she had suffered led Liu Wenping to experience a mental breakdown.

In order to shirk responsibility, officials from Panjin City Labor Camp sent Liu Wenping home in January 2002 and asked her brother to continue to "reform" her. By this time, Liu Wenping had already suffered a serious mental collapse. In her mentally unbalanced condition, she jumped from a building and died around 11:00 p.m. one sad night.

Tragically, the results of Jiang regime's unspeakable tortures have seen another healthy and kind person's life extinguished.

We can imagine how Liu Wenping, suffering extreme pain from the wounds all over her body, cried for help while shackled inside the dark cell, accompanied only by the howling, freezing wind, until she eventually lost the ability to think clearly. As for the cruel persecutors, they should know that the law of the cosmos guarantees true justice for all. Some day in the future, they will experience and pay back all the pain and suffering they brought to Liu Wenping.

Officials responsible:

Yu Changhe, chief of Panjin City Police Department: 86-427-2821974 (O)

Zhou Laixing, chief of politics and security division, Panjin City Police Department: 86-427-2838165 (H), 86-427-2810214 (O), 86-427-2832857 (O)

Zhang Shoujiang, deputy chief of Panjin City Labor Camp: 86-427-8220082 (H), 86-427-2900585 (O), 86-427-2824983 (H)

Guo Xingwen, office secretary of Panjin City Party Committee: 86-427-2822182 (O)

Yi Xiuyan, division head of Panjin City Labor Camp, one of the main criminals: 86-427-2808663 (H), 13082235533 (cell)

Police officers from Panjin City Labor Camp:

Liu Jing, 86-427-2801519 (H)

Wang Yan, 86-427-2827858 (H)

Huang Liang, 86-427-2689738 (H)

Liu Min, 86-427-2821619(H)

Zhao Hongyan, 86-427-2688304 (H)

Cai Li, Qi Xia, Luo Yalan, Tong Dan and Yan Lina

[Note: The taking of life, which includes suicide, is strictly prohibited by Falun Gong teachings. The fact that a practitioner would end her own life in such a tragic fashion only underscores the extreme brutality of the persecution being waged against Falun Gong practitioners by the Jiang regime.]