"Walk your path well"

With the Fa always before you

The way is made crystal clear.

Share your experience with one another,

Listen to others as they share theirs,

Then continue on your journey alone.

Enlightenment awaits those

Who walk the path without fear.

"Walk your path well."

Relinquish excess baggage along the way.

Human emotions no longer fit,

Leave them behind.

Bad thoughts weigh you down,

Making each step tedious.

Karma and old worn out notions

Cause one to linger in "states"

That should be quickly traveled through.

Throw all of them away,

Make your bag light.

Discard, Ascend, Become!

"Walk your path well."

There is no time to tarry.

The characteristic of the universe is your map.

Zhen Shan Ren

Is the route you must take.

Don't look back, take no detours.

What used to be is no more!

Look only to the Fa at your level,

For it is your passport through uncharted terrain.


"Walk your path well."

Your vow to Master must be fulfilled.

With heart and mind purified and cleared

You know what to do and do what you should.

"Fa-Rectification" is the Master's plan,

Righteous thoughts--send them forth.

This is the path you must walk!

Keep on telling the Truth, in heaven and on earth,

Till all predestined people obtain the Fa,

All sentient beings are saved,

All captives are set free

All evil is obliterated,

And Buddhas, Taos, and Gods ascend to their homes.

"Walk your path well."