(Clearwisdom.net) This summer, Hebei province Xingtai City Police Bureau set up a "special case group" under the leadership of Liu Chaoliang in order to persecute Dafa practitioners and destroy sites where Dafa practitioners produce truth-clarifying materials.

The "special case group" monitors Dafa practitioners' phone calls, tracks down and monitors practitioners, and attempts to obtain so-called "evidence" in order to illegally detain Dafa practitioners. As of now, they have detained Dafa practitioner Xiaohui for over 10 days. They illegally detain the families of those practitioners they cannot locate.

In mid-August, Liu Chaoliang used the excuse that practitioners phoned each other to summon practitioners Yang Qinghua and Zhang Baozhong, a married couple who work for the Agriculture Bank in Xingtai city, attempting to obtain "clues" to track down other practitioners. To uphold their belief in Dafa and avoid further persecution, the couple was forced to leave home. The wife, Yang Qinghua, had been wrongfully laid off by her company but was allowed to stay one more year and her salary was reduced by three grades. In 2001, because she upheld her belief, her supervisor sent her to Xingtai city brainwashing center. Nowadays, the "special case group" uses threats and deceit to put pressure on the workplaces and relatives. The group intimidated the couples' workplaces into freezing their salary debit cards and their savings. At the same time, the group spread rumors in the workplaces in order to provoke misunderstandings from their colleagues and supervisors. Because these policemen wantonly told lies, threatened them at will, and tried to force them to write the "four letters" against their will, to avoid the persecution, this couple has now left their home and are traveling from place to place. It was said that their workplace stopped paying their salaries and is ready to dismiss them.

The following is the contact information of Dafa practitioners Yang Qinghua and Zhang Baozhong's workplaces.

Agriculture Bank Xingtai branch: Shi Jixiang 86-319-3188831 (Home)

Yang Yuanping (head of Security section): 86-319-3172422 (Office) 86-13903191921 (Cellular)

President of Agriculture Bank Xingtai branch: Zhao Ximin, Wang Qunchao (Vice-president), Zhao Huajie (Vice-president)

President office of Agriculture bank Xingtai branch: 86-319-3171941, 86-319-3171943, 86-319-3171949, 86-319-3174669, 86-319-3187950

HR department: Zheng Aiqin (Department Manager), Liu Yilin (Assistant Department Manager)
HR department phone number: 86-319-3172421

Dafa practitioner Yang Qinghua's company contact info:

President of the 2nd branch of Agriculture branch, Duan Huaifeng: 86-319-2221608(Home), 86-319-3179007(Office), 86-13903291186 (Cell)

Vice-presidents: Shen Yuqui 86-319-3179009 (Office)

Wu Qiaolan 86-319-3181150 (Office)

Dafa practitioner Zhang Baozhong's company contact info:

President of the 3nd branch of Agriculture branch: Qiao Lanzhong 86-319-2025606(Office) 86-13803198778 (Cellular)

Vice-Presidents: Lu Guangli 86-319-2057313 (Office)

Li Yanchun 86-319-2020103 (Office)