On September 10, 2002, Yuzhong District Court tried 4 arrested Dafa practitioners: Wang Ya (female), Wei Xia, Li Xiuying (female), and Wu Hongbo.

During the trial, Dafa practitioners Wei Xia and Li Xiuying spoke with conviction and reason, validating that Dafa is a righteous law. Wei Xia said: "Falun Dafa is a universal law. It is not unlawful to practice Falun Dafa." Wang Ya took out her statement and said: "I believe Falun Dafa is a universal law." At that moment, the judge immediately interrupted her: "We are clear that 'Falun Dafa is righteous', you do not need to introduce it to the court." Under the instructions of the judge, a policeman grabbed Wang Ya's statement. Wang Ya righteously said: "If you do not allow me to speak, what's the point of having a trial?" Wang Ya argued forcefully and rationally, "The court puts innocent and kind Dafa practitioners on trial without any evidence, legal basis or legal procedure." This ridiculous trial made two police officers present secretly laugh and make noises. The judge could not continue the trial facing practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions; he quickly announced a recess.

Then more than 10 Dafa practitioners that had closely followed the trial all stepped forward. Some encouraged the innocent: "Be firm in righteous thoughts, and solid like diamond and immutable." Others reminded them: "You must pay attention to sending righteous thoughts; expel the evil from the devil's lair." Some fellow practitioners also reminded Wei Xia: "Do not co-operate with the arrangements of the old forces. Our Dafa practitioners need to completely resist the arrangements of the old forces. Dafa practitioners are pure and innocent, and should be immediately set free with a verdict of not guilty." Facing fellow practitioners' courage and support, Li Xiuying could not stop the flow of tears.

Dafa practitioners who attended the trial also clarified the truth to policemen outside the courtroom. Chongqing City Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions in Yuzhong District Court terrified the evil.