(Clearwisdom.net) In sharing experiences with fellow practitioners or spreading Dafa and clarifying the truth to everyday people, sometimes one may say unnecessary words, motivated by the mentality of showing off, the attachment of zealotry, or some anxiousness to express his opinions, and so on. Only after the incident does the person realize that he didn't do well in cultivating his speech. Furthermore, later one may find unknowingly that some attachments of everyday people had already sprung up in his mind.

In moments when alone, a person can find in some cases that his mind is terribly disturbed by things in his imagination and be unable to calm down, especially after talking with others. After paying closer attention to this situation, one can find thoughts stimulated by ones imagination appearing, often taking the form of dialogues or confessions in which many of the conventions and mindsets of everyday people are displayed. Sometimes one cannot even maintain a calm state even when studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts, with thought karma and external interference acting up wildly. Upon examining the cause, one may find that he still has many unremoved attachments.

To counter this situation, on one hand, the disruptive attachments must be discovered and uprooted. On the other hand, one's main consciousness must be strengthened and take control. According to my experience, if one can't handle this situation well, attachments may occur even in one's Fa-validating work, which can make one unable to calm down in studying Dafa and sending forth righteous thoughts. When an attachment should be given up, it must be let go of completely.

Sometimes eradicating disordered and confusing thoughts brings one some suffering. When one's mind goes along with attachments and wanders about, one feels easy and comfortable, while one feels uncomfortable when trying to get rid of one's attachments. This is precisely the moment when it is very important to strengthen one's main consciousness. One's true self should be clear and still, reflecting a wonderful state of great wisdom, great freedom, and great comfort, remaining still in oneself without intent of pursuit, yet able to do anything.

In a person's cultivation, it is very important to purify every thought and strengthen the main consciousness. However, it is even more important to study the Fa more, especially with a quiet heart and a clear mind. When studying Fa too little, it is difficult to judge if whether a person's thoughts are righteous from the viewpoint of the Fa. The principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" has an extensive connotation and profound meaning. It is special in the present Fa-validating cultivation period in that one not only needs to correct his own mistakes and put right everything degenerated within oneself, but also needs to clear up external interference which is arranged by the old forces. Therefore, it is very important to study the Fa well.