(Clearwisdom.net) After reading Zhuan Falun, one of my colleagues wanted to practice Falun Dafa; however, she was busy taking care of her younger sister, who was in the hospital with terminal cancer. I thought that as it is a very precious thing to experience the Great Law of the Universe, if her younger sister should leave without even hearing of the Buddha Law, she would have come to this world in vain. Life is valuable for everyone. Therefore, I gave her audio tapes of Teacher's lectures on Falun Dafa and a VCD revealing the "truth of the so-called self-immolation." I asked her, together with her younger sister, to listen to the audiotapes and watch the VCD. The reason I gave the tapes and CD to them is that, first, upon listening to the tapes, if they think the teachings are good and are willing to practice, they may later start to practice cultivation. Secondly, if they are attracted to the teachings but are not willing to practice, they still have formed a good relationship with Falun Dafa. My colleague agreed, so she took the tapes and VCD home with her.

Not long after that, my colleague told me that her sister, after listening to the tapes, felt very good and more energetic. All of a sudden she could fall asleep, which for her was impossible before. Now her sister was listening to the tapes every day and both of them were eager to learn the movements. So, I gave her a VCD of Teacher's exercise instructions.

At the end of July, my colleague told me that her sister's situation was improving and she was still listening to Teacher's lecture-tapes every day. Also, she told me about a miraculous thing. On July 20, one day before the scheduled operation in the hospital, her sister went to the restroom at 2 o'clock in the morning and passed two egg-sized balls of tissue. Having never seen this before, the doctors and nurses were all very surprised. After the operation, her sister recovered better and faster than any other patient of this kind, and she felt very energetic. Although she is still unable to practice the movements for the time being, she keeps doing the sitting meditation every day. I felt very happy as this event provided even more proof of the miraculous nature Falun Dafa.