(Clearwisdom.net) Have you ever watched farmers work? They painstakingly plough, seed, water, fertilize, and control weeds and bugs. In the busy seasons, they work long hours. In the summer, they work under the unrelenting sun. Only after such hard work can they expect a good harvest. A lazy farmer only spreads the seeds in the field and calls it a day. In the harvest season, he should not expect anything better than a pile of grass.

This same principle applies to our efforts in clarifying the truth. In a way, truth clarification is similar to farm work. Some practitioners are like lazy farmers. They pass out flyers and expect good results. They don't pay attention to the flyers' quality, whether the material is given out to the right people, or how others think about it. They are not alarmed even when their efforts bring about damaging effects. Sometimes, Dafa material helps to clear up people's misunderstanding somewhat. However, these people may be deceived again when new lies are spread. We may not know about these changes fast enough. If we were like the lazy farmer, our truth clarification work will be inept and superficial, and we would not achieve anything.

A harvest largely depends on the weather. Good weather can bring about a decent harvest. The soil quality on different fields also varies. A less fertilized field generally yields less despite great effort. As Dafa practitioners, every person may face different "fields" and different "weather." But our responsibility, just like that of the farmers, is to work hard to cultivate our own "field."

In the process of clarifying the truth, we should be diligent farmers. In terms of how hard we have worked and how much our effort will pay off, heaven will be our judge.

September 7, 2002