After reading the article "Some Understandings Regarding the Proceedings of the Court Case in Hong Kong" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/8/3/24803.html) written by Dafa disciples from Switzerland and North America, I have some thoughts as elaborated below to share with my fellow practitioners.

Thoroughly Negate the Arrangements of the Evil Forces

In the article mentioned above, the practitioners wrote, "Since we had not fundamentally realized our problems, we were asked to keep watching the videotape recorded by the police at the site. For practitioners who watched the videotapes, it was very hard to keep their hearts unaffected when seeing fellow practitioners who did not handle things well according to requirements of the Fa." I think such understanding and state of mind are worth discussing and debating.

From Teacher's perspective, all the arrangements made by the evil forces should be negated and the persecution of Falun Gong should not have taken place at all. The appeal actions in Hong Kong conducted by Dafa practitioners were great acts that were peaceful and compassionate in nature. It is even greater that practitioners from Switzerland traveled a long distance to Hong Kong to participate in the peaceful appeal. Whether or not the practitioners who participated in the demonstration handled every single thing perfectly, the sit-in appeal of Dafa practitioners in front of the building of the China Liaison Authorities was rational, reasonable and legal. It is correct from every perspective, such as the perspective of Fa-rectification and clarifying the true facts about Falun Gong, revealing the evil persecution, or struggling for the basic rights of free speech.

The Hong Kong police's suppression of practitioners' sit-in appeal with violence should not have taken place at all, nor should the action to falsely accuse Falun Gong practitioners in court. Even if practitioners had shortcomings, these should not have been an excuse for the evil forces to persecute Dafa. The persecution of the evil forces serves no use in upgrading practitioners' levels. The so-called test of Dafa practitioners is only what the old forces stubbornly want to do based on their own arrangements. The test is only a disguise and excuse for the evil forces to survive and continue on.

From another perspective, one could also say that since the practitioners in mainland China have shortcomings, they should be persecuted to death. Could this be right?

In the process of looking into ourselves for improvement, we should not limit our inward search only to some personal attachments such as the show-off mentality, zealotry, etc. Rather, we should look more at whether we have remembered to put Dafa in the first place and put the thought that we are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples in the second place. This is not just an issue of whether a person is disturbed in his or her heart in the face of problems.

Clarify the True Facts about Falun Gong and Save the Sentient Beings

If we cannot understand this incident from a higher perspective based on the principles of the Fa and resolutely oppose the unjust prosecution of Dafa practitioners from the bottom of our hearts, it is possible for us to be tricked by the evil. For example, we may focus our efforts on the surface of the incidents that Dafa practitioners did not obstruct the traffic, or think that the prosecution was initiated because our practitioners had shortcomings. We may even feel pain in our hearts for the shortcomings or less than harmonious behavior that some practitioners showed. From the legal procedures of ordinary human society, we may be required to consider some details of this case, but we cannot focus our minds on these, hoping to win this case by defending ourselves with every single detail (although the whole process may manifest itself in this way eventually). In the past, media reports also focused on these details. This may very possibly reflect the deficiency in our thoughts or understanding of this case, or it is very likely that we have not yet deepened our efforts in clarifying the true facts about Falun Gong to the media.

This prosecution may be a very crucial process for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. Why were "we asked to keep watching the videotape recorded by the police at the site?" Instead, why weren't the judge and the jury repeatedly watching videotapes about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners both at home and abroad? Certainly, I am not familiar with the actual situation of the entire prosecution process, and the videotape on the true facts about the persecution of Falun Gong may have already been viewed there, but what I refer to is our attitude and state of mind. We should direct the public's attention to why these practitioners needed to appeal and what the true facts about Falun Gong are.

The position of the Hong Kong government towards Dafa may very much affect the future of Hong Kong's people. The fireworks at the 5th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China surprisingly exhibited a sign of "SOS", which may be a warning signal sent forth from Dafa to everyday people or it may also be a rescue signal sent forth by the conscious side of the Hong Kong people. The urgency of the situation in Hong Kong can be seen from here.

The foundation of law is fairness and justice. The law should become a powerful tool that can be used by Dafa practitioners to expose the evil forces and purge the evil factors behind them. The law should not become a rigid boundary or restraint in the minds of Dafa disciples, nor should it become a despicable means for the evil forces to defame Dafa and persecute Dafa practitioners. The behavior of the practitioners during the sit-in appeal was rational and legal, and should be protected. The party that violated the law was the Hong Kong police, as well as the Chinese Liaison Authorities and the criminal regime of Jiang, who conspire behind the scenes.

Through this prosecution, we should also clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the government, judiciary circles and people from all walks of life. We should extend our efforts in clarifying the truth about Jiang's persecution of Falun Dafa, about Chinese society and economy, and that Falun Dafa is only beneficial and by no means detrimental to any country and people.

Strengthen the Exchange and Progress as a Whole

As I remember, during the exchange with practitioners in Canada, the legal procedures of some cases in Canada, in which some newspapers that published ungrounded, slanderous materials against Falun Dafa were charged, were discussed. One important realization was that when the group exchange and discussion prior to a court date was sufficient and the understanding [of Fa] was clear, the court procedures were then very smooth and the performance of our lawyer was excellent; if the understanding [of Fa] was poor, the court procedure became complicated or even went in an unexpected direction.

Just as the events that took place in Germany and Iceland concern not only practitioners in those regions, the event that is happening in Hong Kong is relevant to all Dafa disciples in the world. The Fa-rectification process moves on by leaps and bounds. Whether we can handle an event well will affect the reputation of Dafa on an international scale, and it is no longer just a regional affair. Therefore, it is very important for Dafa disciples who function as individual particles in a collective environment to treat the things happening in various regions from the perspective of the Fa and with a perception of the overall situation. For example, the web-based exchange among Dafa disciples prior to the Fa-rectification activities in Iceland greatly helped us upgrade our understanding as a whole.

Jiang's regime is presently trying hard to resort to the so-called "legal" means to sabotage Dafa outside mainland China. Hong Kong is actually a platform through which it is attempting to expand its evil influence. The prosecution of Falun Gong in Hong Kong is in fact an insult and a provocation to western democratic society, and its purpose is to pave the way for future escalated overseas slander of Falun Gong. The evil forces also focus on this special zone of "one country two systems," so when they spread rumors about the satellite tapping incident, they purposely singled out the Hong Kong practitioners as well.

The outcome of this case will depend on how Dafa practitioners perceive and treat the issue. Whether a judge, prosecutor or lawyer has a tendency to favor us or not, we should be clear-mined at all times that the things related to Fa-rectification can only be accomplished by Dafa disciples. We, either individually or as a whole, should not have the slightest thought of relying on ordinary humans to resolve this issue.

The fact that the timetable of the Hong Kong prosecution case has been changed or extended again and again prompts us all to think seriously from the perspective of the Fa.

The above is my personal understanding, for which I am open to your criticism and suggestions.