(Clearwisdom.net) Since starting cultivation, I have personally experienced many miracles created by the Fa. For example, twice when I was in jail I was able to unlock my handcuffs; after being on a hunger strike for 20 days, I was still full of vigor; by using wisdom, I was able to preserve and study my Dafa materials. Teacher gave me clear hints to remind me when I didn't do well.

The following is one of my recent experiences:

At midnight one day in the middle of April, more than ten people broke in my house, caught hold of me and pushed me into their car. I was neither alarmed nor scared. At ten o'clock in the morning, they sent me to the brainwashing class held by the "Hebei Province Education and Training Center on Legality," located in Shijiazhuang City. A so-called "Special Lecturer," who did the most brainwashing over there started his work to transform me. I didn't want to listen to his hypocritical words and said, "I am from the countryside. I am neither literate nor know anything about politics. The only thing I know is that Falun Gong is good, it's miraculous." And then, I told him how my health had improved and gave him some examples of miracles. I also asked him, "Why could I not understand a single word of your speeches?" He had no alternative but to go away.

In the afternoon, I was asked to take a health checkup, first to check my blood pressure. I sent Teacher true thoughts from the bottom of my heart, asking him for help. They got a reading of 220, indicating severe hypertension. When the doctors checked my heart and did an electrocardiograph, I asked Teacher again for help, making them unable to do an exact check. Having finished their job, they said that I had a serious heart condition. They released me immediately and thus I returned home before 6:00 pm. My family members thought it was incredible since I have always been very healthy. I said to them, "Is this not another full proof of the miraculous nature of Dafa?"

After going home, I realized, in my review of the event, why I got through the tribulation so easily. First, my heart had reached a pure state; secondly, I had a firm and solid belief in the Fa. Teacher said in "Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)", "Dafa disciples, however, are getting rid of all ordinary human attachments--including the attachment to their human lives--in order to reach the realms of higher beings. This is why we've been able to come through the most evil, most malicious, and most indecent persecution in human history. This is what those evil wretches could not have expected." Having no attachment to life, holding firm belief in Dafa, having righteous beliefs and mind, and conducting oneself rightly, everyone can get through his or her tribulation easily. There is no difference between what I did and one who goes to Tiananmen Square to unfurl a banner and shout out "Falun Dafa Hao," and then returns home safely.