Overseas News

During the June 2002 "Twilight Festival," in Columbia, Missouri, the local Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises and presented the Falun Dafa musical piece "Pu-du" [In Chinese, "Pu Du" means saving all sentient beings] with violins. There was also a bagpipe and a solo song performance. Upon learning of the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China, some residents came over to ask us about Falun Dafa and to express their support. An American girl said that she closely followed the news reports about the Falun Gong situation in China, and asked how she could help. Before leaving, she said, "All of you are great! Take good care of yourselves!"

Clarify the Truth and Save the People

A cultivator's life is the most beautiful. After obtaining Falun Dafa, and as I studied it more deeply, I gradually came to understand the meaning of life. The superficial perfection that I had previously pursued could only be brief at best. Only through cultivation can life be forever beautiful. Returning to the original, true self is the path I want to take. I finally got rid of my bad habit of dropping by friends' homes for political discussions of who is right and who is wrong, playing mahjong and drinking alcohol. Instead, I began to think for myself, no longer catering only to worldly social customs. Although one by one the xinxing [mind or heart nature; moral character] tests soon presented themselves, my determination to cultivate in Falun Dafa has remained firm.

News from China

Due to continuous high temperatures and humidity in Beijing recently, cases of heat stroke have sharply increased and one person has died. Four indexes that track harmful health conditions: pollution, heat stroke, food poisoning and intestinal disease, have all increased to an extraordinarily high level compared to previous years. On July 31, the humidity in Beijing reached 91%. This caused low visibility on the roads, requiring the use of windshield wipers while driving, even though it was not raining.