(Clearwisdom.net) On August 4 2002, Falun Gong practitioners from Berlin held a peaceful sit-in appeal on the square in front of City Hall and Chinese Embassy, calling for the dismissal of the politically motivated trial against Falun Gong in Hong Kong. They also exposed the evil intent behind the trial, extending the persecution to Hong Kong and to eventually ban Falun Gong in Hong Kong entirely. The practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions behind the persecution.

Peacefully doing the exercises Clarifying the truth to the people in detail
Young western practitioner sending forth righteous thoughts Practitioners clarifying the truth to the passersby Sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy

The square in front of City Hall is a popular tourist attraction. Today, August 4, there were even more visitors than usual. The people who took the truth-clarifying flyers from us represented almost every country in Europe. The poster boards that exposed the sham trial in Hong Kong attracted many visitors. The practitioners used every chance to clarify the truth to the people that Jiang's regime is doing everything it can to extend the evil persecution to democratic countries. The people who learned the truth expressed their anger at the evil persecution and their ill intentions. They also expressed their support and encouragement for our peaceful appeal. Many visitors said that the evil persecution won't last long and that righteousness would soon overcome evil.

After leaving the square, the practitioners went to the Chinese Embassy. They studied the Fa together and sent forth righteous thoughts at the top of every hour. The day's activity concluded successfully after sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight. After reading articles from Clearwisdom and exchanging understandings with practitioners from other countries, the local practitioners understood clearly that all practitioners of the world are of one integrated body. Any persecution aiming at one area is an overall test to all practitioners of the world arranged by the old forces. If practitioners of different areas can act based on the understanding to the Fa and "Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions", break through the boundaries of human thoughts and do what we should to do, then we will be able to break through the old forces' arrangement and save more sentient beings.

Tomorrow, the practitioners will continue sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Embassy and hold a press conference to clarify the truth to the media, expose the evil's plots and call for an immediate end to the persecution.