(Clearwisdom.net) Looking within ourselves and advancing as one body are both issues emphasized very much by Dafa practitioners in the current Fa-rectification and cultivation period. However, we have often heard comments from some practitioners such as, "It is my fault, but ..." or, "We all know the importance of advancing as one body, but how can this be done?" For a long period of time, I, too had been puzzled by this: everyone is emphasizing looking within and willing to advance as a whole, but in our practice, we often find it difficult to understand each other, which limits the effects of our actions. How can we change this situation?

After studying the Fa and conducting myself as strictly as possible in my daily Fa-rectification cultivation, I suddenly realized one day that looking within, as stated in the Fa, does not mean seeking to find out who is responsible, but rather, that when facing a problem, we should compare our conduct with the Fa to discover the attachments in our heart and let go of them in order to rise up in cultivation. After seeing through this point, we could not say "I have found my wrongdoing," or "My wrongdoing was caused by another's wrongdoing." We would not look for somebody to take the responsibility in any specific case or divide the responsibility between other people and ourselves. Upon getting rid of the impurities of an everyday person's attachments with respect to looking within ourselves, we will be able to discover our own attachments and, being grateful for Teacher's hint, will be able to correct our own conduct.

As to how we can advance as one body, having realized the importance of advancing as a whole from the standpoint of the Fa, we should first require ourselves to make improvements and changes instead of giving up doing something just because there is too much strife involved in it. At the same time, if we see that someone's conduct failed to meet the requirements of the Fa, we should kindly point it out and ask for their attention, without being constrained by the convention of everyday people's sentiment or embarrassment. After realizing the requirements of the Fa, if we only consider how we could do a good job, or only ask other people to do a good job, this will produce a negative effect and will not really be good for the whole body. Failure to point out others' wrongdoing due to sentiment or embarrassment, or pointing out others' mistakes without understanding or compassion, or reluctantly asking other people to correct their behavior, is hardly good for the whole, either. When all of us are really looking within ourselves according to the requirements of the Fa, and first improving our own conduct to break through our own limitations, how could the effect on the advancement of the whole not be good? It certainly is, and it will be unexpectedly good.

In this way, we may find that a seemingly ordinary task may produce extraordinary results. Dafa can rectify anything unrighteous if all of our thoughts and ideas, every word and deed, really meet the standard of the Fa. The key point is whether we have really studied the Fa and taken it to heart in our daily lives.