(Clearwisdom.net) A letter of protest that was signed by more than 1,000 individuals prompted the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council on August 16, 2002, to announce a decision. This decision concerns a rebroadcast from CCTV [China's state-run Television Station] by Talentvision, a Canadian Chinese-language TV station. The CBSC decision stated that Talentvision's broadcasting the CCTV news program, the "Fu Yi-bin murder case" on December 16, 2001, had breached four articles of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters' Code of Ethics and Violence Code and the Radio and Television News Directors Code of (Journalistic) Ethics. Talentvision was directed to air this decision twice within seven days.

Jiang's autocratic regime has slandered and framed Falun Gong in China and around the world for the past three years. It has also attempted to manipulate overseas Chinese media through its consulates abroad, and therefore extended its slander of Falun Gong abroad. This is the first time a foreign media agency has been announced to have violated related laws. This marks the Western media's awareness of the potential danger of the Jiang group's slandering news, and it's also the beginning of the resistance of all people around the world against the Jiang group's deception.

Around 8:30 p.m. on December 6, 2001, Talentvision broadcast a part of "China satellite news" from CCTV, which reported the news of Fu Yi-bin being charged with murdering his wife and father. The murder scene was shown at the beginning of the news, and the bloody wall and interview of the defendant were shown four times The Talentvision news announcer introduced this news videotape provided by CCTV.

For the past three years, TV stations in Mainland China have shown similar news reports numerous times. In order to defame and demonize Falun Gong and its founder, the slandering media in China have created incalculable lies to deceive the people, including the "1,400 examples," [Fabricated Claims by Jiang Zemin that 1,400 people died from practicing Falun Gong] which has been repeatedly disproved, the "Tiananmen Self-immolation Incident," which the International Education Development Bureau has declared a trumped-up case (For more details see: http://www.clearwisdom.ca/eng/weekly_category/immolation.html). The media in China has deceived countless people and caused them develop hatred toward Falun Gong and its practitioners.

Today, when this base deception is spreading abroad, it has met with firm resistance in Canada. There was a brief recounting of facts in the final decision: "Complaints were sent to either the CRTC or the CBSC directly by twenty individuals, one of which (from the Falun Dafa Association of Canada) was signed by 1,282 people. All of the files ultimately arrived in the hands of the CBSC." (CBSC Decision 01/02-0416+)

"The National Specialty Services Panel considered the complaint under the following provisions of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) Code of Ethics, Voluntary Code regarding Violence in Television Programming and the Radio and Television News Directors Association of Canada (RTNDA) Code of (Journalistic) Ethics." (CBSC Decision 01/02-0416+)

"The National Panel Adjudicators viewed a tape of the program in question and reviewed the correspondence and documentation. The panel found that the references to Falun Gong in the news report constituted unfair comment, on one hand, and that the repetition of the violent video clips was excessive, on the other. It found no fault with the broadcaster, however, in airing a newscast originating with the state-run television organ, CCTV." (CBSC Decision 01/02-0416+)

The Talentvision rebroadcast CCTV satellite news, and the "Fu Yibin Murder Case" is only one of many slanders the propaganda media in China have created. Therefore, according to Canada's news judging standards, the Jiang group's propaganda aimed at Falun Gong that is similar to "Fu Yi-bin Murder Case" would be considered unjust. However, bloody and violent scenes that exceed those in the Fu Yi-bin Case were shown to countless families in Mainland China. According to the news standards in Canada, it is not merely "excessive." Everyone in Mainland China therefore can witness the fact that the Chinese slandering media are spreading and promoting violence to greatly suppress Falun Gong.

The decision stated that, "It finds no fault with the broadcaster, however, in airing a newscast originating with the state-run television organ, CCTV." (CBSC Decision 01/02-0416+) Indeed, their only mistake was that Talentvision showed something that should not have been shown. Then ultimately, whose fault is it? Obviously, the originator is to blame and is responsible. CCTV, controlled by Jiang's group, is the instigator responsible for unjust commentaries on Falun Gong.

Let people who realize the harm of this vicious propaganda unite with one voice to firmly stop Jiang's autocratic regime from manipulating the media and damaging mankind.

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