Overseas Comprehensive News

During our application to the Dragon-boat Festival in the State of Colorado, we were confronted with difficulties. After we clarified the facts to the sponsors of the festival, they became aware of the severity of the persecution of Falun Gong happening in China. The evening before the Dragon-boat Festival, the sponsors called us and said they moved us to a better place that was located in the busy streets. There were two large streams of people in both the front and the back parts of the street. Thus, our practitioners were very busy.

Comprehensive News from China

My experience of being tortured in a Psychiatric Hospital. I was sent to a psychiatric hospital by my workplace just because I diligently practiced Falun Dafa. They pressed me down to the ground and forced-fed me medicine. The unknown medicine made it difficult to breathe. In the hospital, I had to face mentally-ill patients who would beat people and take away others' belongings whenever their illnesses acted up. There were Dafa practitioners who had not been released after being kept there for half a year. At that time, I had only one mind, even if I died, I would never write the guarantee letter to give up my cultivation. After five days, the doctors diagnosed me as being very normal. Ten days later, under pressure, my workplace had to take me back. Even so, this incident was a traumatic experience that can never be undone.

The inside story of the brainwashing center in Hulutao City, Liaoning Province

The "report" of the so-called "study class" in Hulutao City was broadcast many times on Hulutao, Suizhong and Xincheng TV stations last June. The entire report was pages and pages of lies and it was ridiculous. This so-called participating "study class" is completely kidnapping innocent common people publicly in broad daylight by the "610 Office." (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) Some of them were deceived when they were at work, some were kidnapped when they were selling vegetables at the market, and some were forcefully taken away wearing their pajamas. The reeducation compound has a complete collection of torture instruments, which is horrific beyond compare. The evil people threatened Dafa practitioners that they could not go home if they did not write guarantees.

Natural and man-made disasters warn common people

The Ming Pao reported on August 25 that since the beginning of the flood season, the entire province of Shandong has not had any heavy rain or rainstorm, which has resulted in rare drought in many places of Shandong Province. From June to the 19th of this month, the average rainfall was only half the yearly average. Up to August 19, the area that was arid in Shandong was 41,440,000 mu (one mu is equal to 0.0667 hectares), including over 12,000,000 mu with heavy dryness. Two million people and one million large domestic animals have been short of drinking water in the entire province.