(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on August 15, 2002, in front of the State Capitol, Falun Gong practitioners held a press conference on Hong Kong's unjust conviction of 16 Swiss and Hong Kong practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners said that the court's conviction confused right with wrong and that it was a political trial. The 16 practitioners held a peaceful sit-in appeal in front of China's liaison office in Hong Kong but were wrongfully charged and convicted, showing again that Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong extends into Hong Kong and harms Hong Kong's "one country, two systems" policy and future development.

During the conference, many government staff and tourists passed by and accepted flyers that practitioners handed out. Some read our posters attentively. The practitioners did not let any chance slip away to clarify the truth, expose the evil, and let more American people know about Dafa and recognize the Jiang regime's evil nature.