July 31, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) Residents of Caiyuanzi Village in Dehui City of Jilin Province told us this story. July 3 was the 90th birthday of a local villager. Many of his relatives and friends came to celebrate the birthday. There was a very warm birthday party going on in the house. At about ten o'clock in the morning, Caiyuanzi Township Police Station received reports about the party, and sent out all the forces in the station to the village, blocking all the intersections leading to the village and interrogating everyone who passed by. This was because the granddaughter-in-law of the birthday person is a Dafa practitioner. The police had been trying to arrest her but could not find her for a long time. This time the police thought the Dafa practitioner would come home for the birthday celebration. At one o'clock in the afternoon, the police sent people to the villager's home to see if that the practitioner was there. At the same time, they monitored all activities of the elderly grandfather and his relatives. Police motorcycles patrolled the village roads once every two or three minutes, cell phones were on and kept ringing, and police vehicles were waiting outside the village. These made the villagers very anxious because they didn't know what was happening in the village. They were very angry but didn't dare to say a word.

In fact, the police knew that what they were being told to do was evil, so they didn't move in even after the village was surrounded from 10 o'clock in the morning until six o'clock in the afternoon. Later in the day, however, under pressure from higher authorities, they broke into the home of the Dafa practitioner's relative. At that moment, the sky darkened suddenly, and thunder could be heard from far away. The police came inside and said deceivingly, "Did the Dafa practitioner come home? All we want to do is ask her a few questions if she came back." The relative asked, "If it is not a big deal like you said, why did you mobilize so many people and surround the village for so long? Dafa practitioners are all good people, so why do you want to arrest her?" They did not know how to answer when seeing the ninety-year old birthday man sitting there with tears running down his cheeks. They came out of the room and took the sister-in law of the Dafa practitioner into a police vehicle, saying she was the one they wanted. They interrogated her, and asked for her personal ID and marriage certificate. At last, the Dafa practitioner's over sixty-year old mother-in-law cried and asked why they arrested her other daughter-in-law. She said if they took her away, she would do everything to stop them and was about to lie down in front of the police vehicle. A few young villagers couldn't take it any more and wanted to fight with the police. Some elderly villagers stopped them by saying, "We citizens can't afford to fight with the police. They can do anything. Just tolerate a little. There is no justice in this society. These evil people will for sure receive retribution sooner or later."

All of a sudden it started to thunder and lightning, and the wind became strong and fast. Deafening claps of thunder came one after another and pea-size raindrops hit the police. The police became afraid and they all withdrew. They originally planned a mass arrest on that night, to check door to door in the village to look for the Dafa practitioner. The thunderstorm shocked them. After the police left, the wind and rain stopped, and the thunder went away. However the ground was barely wet. All the people were very surprised. It was truly an expression of anger from heaven.

In addition, the villagers told us that police had harassed Dafa practitioners' relatives many times. From March to May of this year, the police searched all the elementary and middle schools in town looking for Dafa practitioners' children in order to find Dafa practitioners' home addresses by deceiving the children. This has brought mental pressure and pain to all relatives of Dafa practitioners and other local residents. In the meantime, all the kind-hearted citizens who experienced the evil conduct of these police became more certain that the propaganda on TV was fabricated and false.

Caiyuanzi Township Police Station zip code: 130301

Caiyuanzi Township Police Station phone number: 86-431-7520975