"I will defend your right to enjoy the freedom of belief"

Not long ago, I had an opportunity to clarify the truth to a close friend. When I explained to him about the abominable persecution, the oppression and the suffering many Dafa practitioners have experienced for the last three years, in contrast to the wide acceptance of Dafa overseas, he responded, "All our classmates have great respect for your uncompromising spirit. I don't know what is written in the book Zhuan Falun, but I will defend your right to enjoy the freedom of belief."

"The Party has pushed us to its opposition"

I am a member of the Party. All my friends and relatives that practice Falun Gong are really nice people. I simply cannot understand why the government would persecute them. Most of them have been badly beaten after being arrested and imprisoned. Not only were they forced to attend brainwashing classes, they had to pay thousands of Yuan as well. I feel that the government has gone too far. This ruthless and inhuman behavior hurts me deeply.

"I would like to read Zhuan Falun too."

Not long ago, while clarifying the truth to a few university students on the train, I had an opportunity to tell them the truth behind the so-called "self immolation" incident that took place in Tiananmen Square, and also about the suppression imposed on the Dafa practitioners by Jiang's regime. They all agreed with my point of view. One student that attends college in Changchun told me that many people had watched the Falun Gong program when the CCTV was intercepted that evening. Their teacher came in happily the next day after the incident and told everyone about the Falun Gong truth clarification program as well. Another student who attends college in Beijing said, "When the government first began to suppress Falun Gong, I was quite supportive. But as time went by, I noticed that most of the people arrested for practicing Falun Gong were highly educated people. They must know something that we don't. I was more and more suspicious of the government's intention then. Three years have gone by since, and the government is still wondering why Falun Gong can't be suppressed. Honestly, I would like to read the book Zhuan Falun and find out what it is all about."

The Kindhearted American

My boss is a kindhearted American. He said to me once, "I know, you are all good people. If any of your friends lost their job because of practicing Falun Gong, ask them to come and see me. They can come and work for me. I am not afraid..."

"... If they give you problems, let me know. I can hide you somewhere. If your friends get into trouble for practicing Falun Gong, come and see me. I will find a hiding place for them as well. I am not afraid of Jiang. I am not a Chinese, so they can't do anything to me."

When I asked him to tell his friends about the persecution of Falun Gong, he said, "I will certainly do that. I will let them know about everything."

Jiang "brings disaster with him everywhere he goes."

The second day after "The hail storm in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province," I happened to visit a friend that afternoon and we talked about the disaster. Her high school son interrupted us saying, "The hail storm must have been brought along by Jiang. You see, two days before the disaster, I saw the news on TV at a friend's home saying that Jiang had just arrived at Zhengzhou and would be leaving the next day. All our friends say he brings disaster with him everywhere he goes."

"Who would trust the Central government?"

G was my friend from the university days. It had been almost six years since I last saw her. Recently, I ran into her again and we brought up the subject of Falun Gong. I told her not to believe the propaganda on the TV, as they were all lies, and very misleading. She just broke out into laughter, "Who trusts the government nowadays? I do not watch the news from the TV. They are all fabrications anyway. A friend told me that he always skipped the first twenty minutes of the news and only watched the last section when the international news came on. Many of our friends are tired of listening to the propaganda and the persecution of Falun Gong. But what else can we do? The media is under the control of the government."