(Clearwisdom.net) The cruel persecution in a local labor camp could not move a Dafa practitioner's steadfast righteous belief in Dafa. As a result he was transferred to a labor camp in Beijing for further persecution.

In the labor camp in Beijing, the prison guards exhausted all kinds of cruel means to torture him, attempting to waver his steadfast belief in Dafa. When the practitioner was tortured to the extreme of his endurance and was about to break down, he thought of Master. From the deepest depths of his heart, he called out loudly, "Shi--Fu--!" (Master--!) The call was filled with his steadfast belief and faith. All the guards in the room and the nearby corridor heard the call. They were all shocked, standing there dumbstruck for several moments. The torture stopped at this moment. Since then, the prison guards have never dared to persecute him.

I think the reason why some practitioners have been tortured so severely by the evil elements is that they forgot that they were disciples at the critical moment. Master said, "But at that moment, some students' righteous thoughts weren't adequate, and so the persecution that they suffered became even more severe. When the evil was beating them they forgot that they were Dafa disciples, and they didn't think, "I'll ask Master to help me." Or, when some people did ask Master for help, they had a strong attachment of fear." (Touring North America to Teach the Fa)

We should always place the Fa in the first place. From the Fa's standpoint, we should completely deny the arrangements of the old forces, not allowing such persecution to happen to our Dafa disciples. Dafa has its dignity, how could low level rotten lives be allowed to persecute Dafa at will? That is an insult to Dafa. In addition, the establishment of our mighty virtue needs not to be tested by the old forces' persecution.

Another steadfast Dafa practitioner, a woman, was illegally sentenced to a labor camp for going to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. She was cruelly tortured and forced to undergo brainwashing. All this could not change her righteous faith in Dafa. She refused to cooperate with the evil at all times, yet all the camps guard-team leaders revered her. Some collaborators who had renounced their practice of Dafa often fawned over and flattered the team leaders in order to obtain their favor. However, when the labor camp authorities proposed sentence reductions for them to higher authorities, the steadfast practitioner received the greatest reduction in her sentence, while the collaborators got much less.

The steadfast Dafa practitioner told them, "Master has the final say."

Note: collaborator [former Falun Gong practitioner who went astray due to brainwashing and torture]