On the path of Fa-rectification, our heart is clear and magnanimous. During our trip to Europe, our journey is like the Great Way, formless.

From June 3rd to June 18th, I participated in a trip to Europe with other Dafa disciples from all over the world to send forth righteous thoughts and eliminate evil from close range. I experienced the solemnity and magnificence of assisting Master to rectify the Fa with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Moreover, I realized the vast and mighty kindness and great compassion of our Master. In the past two weeks, I have managed to extinguish many of my excessive thoughts and attachments and had some new understandings of cultivation at this particular time.

Here are some of my stories and personal experiences from this trip. If anything is inappropriate, kindly correct me.

Part 1 -- Rectifying the Fa in St. Petersburg

1. The remarkable history of Russia and St. Petersburg

After learning about the history of Russia, particularly of St. Petersburg, I understood that it was not by accident that I found myself here at this time, since, as I understand it, the disciples of Russia formed ties of friendship with Master back in the Zhou dynasty. In Chinese history, I Ching, written by the Emperor of Zhou, and various legends noted in the Investiture of Deities such as Jiang Ziya defeating Daji, and the evil demons who deluded the king and ruined the country, came from that age. Moreover, St. Petersburg was built in 1706 under the leadership of Peter the Great. From the design of city to the laying of every single brick and tile, Peter the Great's deep love for his people is shown. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, St. Petersburg regained its original name, replacing the name that the Party had given it, Leningrad. The national emblem was also restored to a pattern that describes the legendary story of Peter the Great bravely stabbing a demon on a white horse, replacing the hammer and sickle of the Party.

The folklore of St. Petersburg includes many tales from a remote age. For example, a child's toy made of carved wooden figures nested in layers depicts the artist's understanding of the process whereby God creates man in another dimension and then pushes him into the human world layer by layer. A traditional sculpture of a Sphinx tells the story that a god from the eighth layer of the cosmos once set his foot in the human world....

2. Followed by Chinese Agents and Russian Police

After arriving in St. Petersburg, I stayed with a couple of Dafa disciples. The wife said that the chief of the evil had brought many secret agents along with him for his visit to Europe and spent a large amount of money to persuade the local KGB to work for him. As was expected, anytime we went out, whether we had dinner, went shopping or made a phone call on the curbside, we were tailed by strangers who we had seen before not far off in the distance. A woman claimed she was a practitioner from Sydney after approaching us. We then humored her for a while, but knew she was not who she claimed to be.

We realized shortly after that we were only displaying human cleverness if we behaved like this. How could the wisdom of a God or a Buddha be restrained by human thinking! Under the condition of not influencing the overall situation and not alerting the chief of the evils and its accomplices, using righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions is the real mission of every Fa-rectification disciple.

Hence, we called a taxi. After getting rid of the secret agents, we arrived at the evil head's hotel to send righteous thoughts.

There were some western tourists sitting in a small park in front of the hotel. Nearby, there were many local police and secret agents in plainclothes from Mainland China. As soon as we sat down, we saw five or six secret agents whispering to each other not far away from us. In short time, the police came over to check our identities.

We realized that it was not a wise idea to sit there for a long time. We needed to find a place in the neighborhood where we could sit down without any disturbance so that we could more effectively give full play to the power of our continuously sending forth righteous thoughts. So we stood up and walked around the hotel. We then found that the secret agents were following us.

3. Sending forth righteous thoughts from a well-located Library

Master said in "Expounding on the Fa" (Essentials for Further Advancement): "When a tribulation arrives, if you, a disciple, can truly maintain an unshakable calm or be determined to meet different requirements at different levels, this should be sufficient for you to pass the test....Your enlightened, original nature will automatically know what to do."

When we came to a very old building less than 30 meters from the hotel, a practitioner proposed that we try to get in. We looked up. It was the office of the "Times of St. Petersburg" newspaper. After passing through the big, gloomy and cold gate, we saw a wide stairway leading to the top and were suddenly enlightened. We all felt that this was the place we were looking for. Thus, we asked a clerk in the building if there was a library or a place for reading.

There was a library! We pushed open the two long and narrow doors that seemed tightly closed, greeted the librarian with a smile, gesticulated that we wanted to read, and then proceeded to one of the reading rooms.

The room was high and spacious but the light was dim. There was a yellow reading lamp on each desk that looked worn-out but tidy. The window of the room directly faced the entrance of the hotel. It was a great spot for what we had to do.

Over the following three days, while the library was open, we sat here and sent righteous thoughts quietly from morning to evening. During the intervals, we studied the Fa and felt the greatness of the power of our righteous thoughts. When erecting the palm, we imagined ourselves as tall as the heavens and incomparably noble.

For the sake of safety, I took the responsibility of buying food and drinks at noon each day. Before I left the library, I imagined a cover surrounding my body, making me invisible to the police and plainclothes agents. Teacher said, "Great enlightened beings have brighter hearts, obtaining the Fa and traveling in the world." ("Predestined Relationship," Hongyin) There should be no hindrance no matter where I went.

Perhaps moved by us as we sat there reading for several days, a librarian who was able to speak English came to us several times and asked if we needed any help or would like to switch to a better room. We thanked her and said no with smile. This room was the best one. She was surprised and asked how we, tourists from Australia, discovered this ancient professional library that was seldom visited even by the local people. We just smiled.

Afterwards, we had an opportunity to take part in a group session of sending forth righteous thoughts together with other Dafa disciples in the evening. I felt my energy had recovered soon after doing the exercises, or even only one or two movements. I experienced for the first time my Primordial Spirit leaving my body. I saw the scene of gong-column-like Falun penetrating the heavens and the earth whilst I was doing the exercise of Holding the Wheel. I found that because I had not paid much attention to exercises, I had delayed the process of my body's transformation greatly!

Part 2 -- Our Experience in Latvia

1. Arriving

It took 12 hours by train to get from St. Petersburg to Riga, the capital of Latvia. The rule was that those who hold Australian passports, except for those who came by plane and can obtain a visa upon landing, need to get a visa beforehand in order to be granted entry into Latvia. Not knowing the situation in advance, we bought the train tickets. Therefore, myself and another Sydney practitioner were held up in a small border town 3 hours north of Riga.

At first, the town's border policeman was very cold and indifferent and couldn't speak English except the two words "get out." Finally there came a male policeman who knew English. However, he told us expressionlessly that we have no other option but to wait for the next train and go back to Russia.

At this moment we realized that not knowing the local rules and regulations was our own omission. The evil forces were using this as an excuse to manipulate the policemen and to obstruct our trip to Riga to send forth righteous. But how could this tiny obstacle stop a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple?

As a result, the first thing we did was to fundamentally negate the possibility of being sent back to Russia in our consciousness. Later on, we reasoned the situation and discussed with the police the best way for us to reach Riga. When one of us talked to the policeman, the other practitioner concentrated on sending forth righteous thoughts.

During the discussion, there was a sudden turning point. After a young policeman made several calls to his superiors he finally said that if the Australian Embassy officials in Riga were willing to help, we might not need a visa if we obtain an Embassy official fax letter after we get to Riga.

Gradually, a smile appeared on the policeman's face. He took us to his office and he and a policewoman made some calls, faxed some letters and did many other related tasks for us. The practitioner who was traveling with me put Australian candies and chocolates that he had brought on the office desk to share with everyone. Meanwhile, we continued sending forth righteous thoughts. Very soon, sounds of laughter could be heard in the office. The Australian Embassy officials in Riga replied in no time. They told us the procedure needed would be accomplished and faxed to us on that very afternoon. That was to say we were able to arrive Riga on that day. Everyone felt a sense of relief.

When we took out a copy of a Falun Dafa leaflet printed in the local language and a precious Russian version Zhuan Falun to the policemen, the eyes of the young policeman were sparkling with surprise. The female policeman turned over the first page and read Lunyu [the preface] from beginning to end and started to read the pages depicting the practice exercises. Then, she took out her homemade cake from a drawer and cut it into several pieces to treat us. She left us her name, address and contact number and expressed a willingness to interact and share experiences with the local practitioners in the future.

The policemen arranged for us to rest and have our meals in the reception room while waiting for the Australian Embassy's reply. Therefore, the whole half day, we stayed there sending forth righteous thoughts at set times, practicing exercises, studying Fa and did not have a single bad thought in our minds. Maybe because of the pure and simple ways of the folks in the countryside, every time I send forth righteous thoughts, I could feel strong energy field around me, which was no different from that I felt in St. Petersburg while sending righteous thoughts with many other practitioners.

2. In front of the hotel during the Chinese President's visit

That night when we arrived Riga, as soon as we put down our luggage, we headed straight for the hotel where the Chinese president stayed. At that moment, we could already see many Dafa practitioners sitting in pairs across the river, peacefully and serenely sending forth righteous thoughts.

Most of the people decided not to go to the riverside where the hotel is to avoid giving the police or secret agents an excuse to interfere. However, we knew there would be a security line outside the hotel and that travelers had the right to do any legal activities outside of this security line. Considering our understanding that the closer the distance, the greater the power of sending forth righteous thoughts would be, both of us decided to give it a try.

We sat down in the bushes ten meters away from the security line. I felt a surge of energy as strong as huge waves. When sending forth righteous thoughts, I found the strength of retaliation by the evil had obviously weakened.

On the other side of the bushes was a police car. One local policeman had been watching us from a distance as soon as we sat down. Once in a while, he would also walk by behind us. We just sat there absolutely still with our legs crossed and sent forth righteous thoughts with our right palms held erect [in front of our chest]. Teacher said, "To live with no pursuits, To die with no regrets" (Hongyin - "Non-existence") We were doing the most righteous and sacred thing in the world. There is nothing we should be frightened of. When we stood up the next morning, we realized the policeman had already left.

Under sunshine and blue sky, Riga displayed its elegance and typical European scenery. Only when the head of evil appeared were there dark, somber clouds and chilly winds. Looking at the local people's friendly, amiable and relaxed faces, Dafa practitioners felt more deeply the responsibilities that we have to protect and save all sentient beings.

Part 3 -- Righteous thoughts to eliminate evil in Iceland

1. A perfect arrangement

I decided at the last minute to join to eliminate the evil in Iceland. As soon as I started the journey I realized that Master has arranged everything perfectly.

Previously we were only planning to stop at Vienna for a flight transfer to Sydney. During a telephone conversation with local practitioners, we told some of our experiences eliminating the evil in St. Petersburg. The local practitioners invited us to join their experience sharing prior to their trip to Iceland. We happily accepted the invitation.

The experience sharing went really well. We did not know about the severe situation in Iceland until we accessed the Internet at a practitioner's home. Under pressure from the Jiang regime, during Jiang's visit to Iceland all Falun Gong practitioners who held Chinese or Taiwanese passports, as well as those who held foreign passports and were recorded on the "black list", were either detained by the Iceland customs or refused entry. Chinese people were even not allowed to board Iceland Airline flights at airports in many countries. We were told that there were over 100 Dafa disciples who were refused entry to Iceland. Only a small proportion managed to arrive in the country. Upon hearing this we made our decision immediately and changed our flight tickets. We held Australian passports and did not need a visa to travel to Iceland.

The process of changing flight tickets was incredibly easy and smooth. We left with the Austrian disciples for Iceland.

At the airport we met several American practitioners who had been previously refused boarding by the Iceland Airline at other airports. They told us that after hours of Internet surfing they had found out Australia-Iceland is the only line open to all travelers.

Before we reached the immigration control we were all well prepared to answer the possible questions raised by customs. It was then the evening of June 13th.

At the immigration control I smiled at the officer, who raised his head and looked at me, before smiling back. A stamp was placed in my passport.

The Australian practitioner traveling with us also passed the immigration control smoothly. The same thing happened to the practitioners who held Chinese passports. I believe that such was the result of the mighty righteous thoughts by the fellow practitioners (including those who failed to enter Iceland), as well as the supportive outcry by the brave Icelandic people.

2. Sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil in other dimensions on a rainy night.

After Jiang's arrival in Iceland he kept changing his plans. He even changed his hotel on a daily basis for three consecutive nights. The hotel he stayed in was always subject to tough security, which could not be understood by many ordinary people.

Dafa disciples increased the frequency of sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. After Jiang went back to his dwelling, disciples used righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil at the hotels and lawns where he stayed during the day. The disciples did not stop until the next morning.

During one night it rained heavily for more than 3 hours. All Singaporean disciples were completely soaked. However, they persevered until 5am. I left the lawn with an Australian disciple. With 3 policemen and a security guard present, we sent forth righteous thoughts for an hour before leaving the site in a taxi.

3. The lovely Iceland people.

Inside the local newspapers were large pictures and caricatures expressing the support for Falun Gong of the local people and media. There was a strong voice condemning the Icelandic government that had given way to the Chinese dictator. In order to protest against the government's decision to detain 70 Falun Gong practitioners, hundreds of local citizens learned to practice the Falun Gong exercises in front of the police and officials. When the evil head passed by in his official car, the continuous outcry of "Falun Dafa Hao" [Falun Dafa is good] came mostly from the local citizens' parade groups. Yellow "Falun Dafa" flags could be seen everywhere in streets-- on people's hair, around the waist, as well as flying on cars and bicycles. What was more, local citizens kept turning up to join the disciples in sending forth righteous thoughts and volunteering to become local contact persons. To all Dafa disciples, these were the most encouraging and joyful events. When a senior citizen came up to hug the disciples holding the banners, he said firmly, "Iceland has no place for criminals." Upon hearing this my eyes became wet, and I suddenly saw the changing colors of the clouds floating around the midday sun.

The evil head left Iceland one day prior to his original plan.

On the very morning the evil head was leaving, about 200 Dafa disciples quietly waited at the pre-arranged demonstration point, sending forth righteous thoughts under the Dafa banners. When dark clouds rushed towards us like black waves, and when winds chilled us to our bones, even the policemen knew well that the evil head was on his way.

All of a sudden, a bunch of cheerleaders hired to welcome Jiang parked five or six cars right in front of us, spreading open a few red banners and acting as clowns to cheer him onward. However they were pushed back by the police and became quiet. The motorcade approached. During the brief few seconds when the car was passing us, someone in the group was beating a drum halfheartedly. They stopped even before the car disappeared from our sight. They then quickly packed up their things and disappeared.

Dafa disciples remained still in the chilly wind, continuing to send forth righteous thoughts until the evil head's flight disappeared into the dark clouds in the sky. We stayed until the security was dismissed and the last policeman left. At that time a gap opened in the dark clouds and threads of light came through.

We then heard horns, and we realized that it was the returning police patrol. The policemen riding bikes were waving to us and we could see their smiling even through their helmets.

4. The awakening

I awakened that through consistent Fa study and experience sharing, as well as persistently sending forth righteous thoughts, we will be able to use firm faith to thoroughly eliminate the evil remaining in the spaces related to our own dimensions.