1. To rectify others, we must first rectify ourselves. We must strengthen our Fa study and improve ourselves, so that we can perform Fa-rectification well while continuing to improve our cultivation.

    Prior to July 1999, I had only recognized Falun Dafa as good in a superficial way. I had not recognized Falun Dafa rationally from learning the principles, did not focus on Fa study, nor did I focus on reading, learning and memorizing. Due to my lack of true understanding of the Fa principles, I often talked about my physical experiences during cultivation, especially when introducing Falun Dafa to everyday people. I finally came to understand that talking about my own understanding of the Fa is a far more effective method of introducing Falun Dafa than discussing the physical experiences. Since everyday people cannot experience cultivation, they had difficulty understanding Falun Dafa as we clarified the truth to them. They thought any Qigong exercise was good and would benefit the body. Therefore, they frequently wondered, "Why Falun Gong? What makes Falun Gong different?"

    Once, an "education assistant" told me that our supervisors at work were meeting to discuss the fact that I practiced Falun Gong. Many administrators expressed a concern that while I was highly educated, and worked very well, they still could not understand why I would rather sacrifice everything than give up Falun Gong. They concluded that Falun Gong must teach some valuable principles. Since I felt that my comprehension of Teacher's articles was insufficient to help others know about Falun Dafa, I began to improve my Fa study. From then on, every time I talked to someone or met someone on the road, I would mention my cultivation. However, I was able to use my strengthened understanding of the Fa and say, "Teacher said, . . ." and "My understanding is. . ." This was especially effective when some would try to convince me otherwise, using arguments from TV and newspaper propaganda. Those discussions were like tests. They examined how well practitioners understood the Fa and how well they grasped the principles. By clarifying the truth, in a manner that everyday people could understand, we brought many of them to realize that what the TV and newspaper said about Falun Gong were not what Teacher taught. Gradually, the interference in my work place began decreasing. Some of my supervisors and judicial staff have even said to me, "If you think it is good, just practice at home."


  2. Clarifying the truth to those closest to us, will make Fa-rectification more effective

    In July 2000, I wrote an experience-sharing article regarding my cultivation, in order to help more people understand Falun Dafa and those who practice it. I wrote about two aspects. One was how guidance from Falun Dafa principles had changed how I dealt with conflicts in my work and interpersonal environments. I used many familiar incidents as examples, so that they all knew that my job was so well done specifically because I had learned Falun Dafa. The other aspect of cultivation that I wrote about was how Teacher addresses some commonly raised questions, and my own understanding of them.

    As cultivators, our xinxing and virtue are truly raised during cultivation. The government persecution of Falun Gong is wrong. This experience-sharing article shook the upper levels of the government. The "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] made a large number of copies to send to their upper levels and to their counterparts in relevant units. One colleague asked me, "What kind of material have you been writing lately? In many meetings, I have seen those administrators all reading your article." When I asked how he knew it was my article, he said that my name was listed on the last page.

    Later, I was arrested and taken to a detention center outside of town. One of my bosses said to my family on the phone, "Falun Gong cultivators are truly good people!" Inside the detention center, I shared insights with fellow practitioners. We all agreed that since our cultivation way is to study the Fa and practice the exercises, we should openly study the Fa, openly exercise, and introduce the Fa. When we first arrived in the detention center, the police would often attack Falun Dafa and slander our Teacher in front of us. We all responded by loudly clarifying the truth in a dignified manner. We were never fearful and never faltered from our belief, even when they threatened us with severe torture, such as being locked in a solitary cell; beaten with a stick or put into a water dungeon and soaked in water [soaking in water is a form of torture where the victim is handcuffed and submerged in water up to the neck in a completely dark cell]. Every one of us affirmed that we would steadfastly cultivate until the very end. We were loudly outspoken, not because we lacked compassion, but to deliberately shock and restrain the evil forces, so that the police would commit fewer crimes against innocent practitioners. When they stopped attacking Falun Dafa, we would speak to them with a peaceful heart. Gradually, the police and those prisoners they instigated stopped attacking Falun Dafa and Teacher in front of us. After a period of time, our every word and action during our daily lives convinced them that Falun Dafa practitioners were good. They felt the goodness of Falun Dafa from the bottom of their hearts, and began to understand the principles.

    Whenever the TV or newspaper slandered Falun Dafa, the prisoners in our cell would say, such things as, "Fake! Falun Gong would not even kill a mosquito, so how could they kill a person?"

    Cultivation is to prolong life, and to become Buddhas, Taos and Gods. Why would they kill themselves?"

    "Cultivators do not quarrel or fight with others, how could they go to Beijing to make trouble? All they really did was peacefully appeal."

    Some criminals began to voice regret and said, "If I had known about Falun Gong I would never have committed this crime." Some of them secretly learned the exercises. When a few were discovered by the police, they bravely said, "Falun Dafa is good." Others knew Falun Dafa was good, but still would not dare to learn the exercises.

    In the beginning, when police first saw us openly studying the Fa and exercising, they tried to interfere. But after a while, they saw that any trouble that occurred in the cells never involved Falun Gong practitioners. Everyone said that Falun Gong was good, so the police gradually began to understand the truth, and no longer interfered with us. They even expressed many times, that they would not interfere with our exercises or Fa study, but they asked us to help resolve any problems whenever trouble arose in the cells. The Director even said, "Falun Gong detainees should be treated differently than other prisoners." Because we had all collectively upgraded our xinxing, and each of us had stood up for Falun Dafa, with only two months of working together, we created an open environment for Fa study and exercises.

    One policeman in the detention center asked me, "You cultivate very well, so why are your family members all against it?" I enlightened to the principle that everday people are only concerned with their own benefit. My family members know that, as Falun Dafa practitioners, we strive to become virtuous people. However, because we might lose our jobs during detentions, for persisting in cultivation, they oppose it. In fact, if a cultivator's family members acknowledge Jiang's persecution, they counteract the Fa-rectification performed by practitioners. After my release from the detention center, I paid more attention to clarifying the truth to my family members.

    For example, my younger brother is a Party member who was educated as an atheist. He believed that government regulations must be absolutely followed, and if the government told you not to cultivate, but you still did so, that this was a form of opposing the government. In such cases, he believed that detention was due to stubbornness. I used to try to clarify the truth to him in a manner that was not rational. I talked about many experiences in my cultivation, and about some very high level things in the Fa that actually blocked him from understanding Fa.

    After returning home this time, when my family discussed my cultivation, I said, "There is nothing wrong with cultivating to be a good person."

    My brother contended, "You cultivate to be a good person. We do not cultivate, so we will not be good people? Your cultivation has caused us trouble. How can you say you are being a good person?"

    I replied that all these things are the result of the persecution, and that their joining in this persecution made practitioners suffer even more. My brother jumped up, "How did we persecute you?"

    I told him seriously, "You knew that I stopped doing bad things once I began cultivating. You saw my health improve and that I become totally well. Our Teacher tells us to be good people, but the government slanders him. I discipline myself to be a good person, but the police arrested me as a criminal. But you acknowledged the arrest, and even tried to help the police persuade me to denounce Falun Gong. You did not tell the truth, so the police thought we were wrong to cultivate, seeing that even our family members are against cultivation. They argue that if cultivation were good, our family members would not be against it. Isn't your behavior actually contributing to the persecution? Is your behavior kind? Are your actions those of a good person? If you would all speak the truth, and reflect the goodness of cultivation, the police would gain a true understanding of our cultivation. If every practitioner's family members did this, the police would all understand Falun Gong, and we would not be arrested. The fact that I was detained for so long, is directly related to the actions of all of you."

    My brother suddenly became quiet. After a while he said in a low voice "You never spoke to us this way before." Ever since then, whenever he had a question about Falun Gong, he had always enjoyed discussing it with me. Especially after watching the truth clarifying CD, my family members clearly recognized the evil persecution, and became inclined to defend Falun Dafa. Once, the Party Secretary had a talk with him about my cultivation. My brother is a person who usually always agrees with his boss, but this time, he suddenly challenged that Secretary, "To what extent will you continue to persecute Falun Gong?" My brother has awakened!

    Every practitioner is a particle of Dafa. If the people around each particle have a righteous understanding of Falun Dafa, and as more and more people come to know the truth through our practitioner's mailing and distribution of literature, and posting truth-clarifying material, a strong collective trend will multiply upon itself.